Tying the Anchor Bend

The anchor bend is a strong knot that is easy to tie, and you can rely on to keep you anchor securely attached to your boat. While this knot is secure pay attention to what the other end of your rope is tied to. While fishing with a guide one time he threw out the anchor and went back to move the boat to best utilize the anchor, and we both watched as the entire length of the anchor rope and chain went over the side of the boat before we could react and grab the end. He had forgotten to fasten the standing end of his rope to this boat. Oooooopps!

Marine Rope Gripper Anchor Rope Gripper

Mounted on the bow of my boat I purchased this rope gripper from Bass Pro Shops which allows me to release adequate amount of anchor rope then secure it using this gripper quickly. If more is needed or less is needed it is a simple process to readjust the rope.

Understanding Rope Knot Basics

Just like knots used to tie line to hooks and lures there is certain terminology useful to review. There are two ends of the rope. In general one end is attached to the vessel or the dock. The other end, called the working end is used to tie the knot, hitch or bend. Often the standing end or that end secured to the dock or boat will be under load as you pull the boat to the dock or pier. Unlike with fishing line, when tying dock or mooring knots or hitches, you rarely will want to cut excess rope left on the working end. A 25 foot rope will become a 12 foot rope quickly if you continually cut off 6-12 inches. Then you are left with the need to always devote extra time and attention to prevent the rope from unravelling.

Tying the Anchor Bend - Step One

Anchor Bend Making This Bend - Step One

The first thing you may ask is why this is called a bend and not a hitch? Well you are right, it ties like an end hitch. You may call it an Anchor Knot if you like. Just know it works securing your anchor. Assume the ring in the picture is on your anchor. The first step to tie this bend (hitch) is to pass the working end or your rope over and through the ring twice as in this picture.

Tying the Anchor Bend - Step Two

Anchor Bend Step Two

The next step in making this bend (hitch) is to pass your working end of the rope over the standing part then under and through the two loops made around the ring as shown in the picture. Pull this knot tightly now against the ring of your anchor. This forms a tight and secure closure on your anchor as shown in the picture below.

Anchor Bend Tighten Up Your Rope

Final Optional Recommended Step

Anchor Bend Recommended Final Step

The final step is considered optional but I recommend for added security. Pass your working end around the standing part of your rope then pass it through the loop you just made as shown in the picture to the right. Once you have completed this step tighten the rope as shown in the picture below. This final step is called adding a Half Hitch.

Anchor Bend Tighten - Ready To Anchor