Shimano Spirex

Shimano Spirex spinning reels are some of the most user friendly - yet powerful and smooth action spinning reels that are on the market today.  We at PFT have had several of these find reels over the years.  Shown below are two well used Spirex 4000 reels nearly 20 yrs old.  Shimano has packed six of their most advanced features into these moderately priced reels, making the Spirex a smooth operating great value. 

Shimano Spirex RG Spirex RG

Shimano packs these six proprietary advancements into these great Spirex reels. Click on each of these features to read more:

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Known for their smooth operation, strength, and comfort Shimano also includes: Varispeed Oscillation, 5 Shielded stainless steel ball bearings, Lightweight frame and sideplate, ported handle shank, rubber handle grips, and repairable clicker.  You get all this in a reel that is approved for fresh or saltwater, and for use with all kinds of line including mono, fluorocarbon, and PowerPro lines.  Shown above is the medium light Spirex or 1000.

CF - Cold Forged Aluminum Spool

The cold forged process produces a spool that is stronger, and more durable than those made from the die-cast method or even the graphite process.

Quick Fire II

The quick fire system is what first attracts many anglers to Shimano Spirex. The trigger is placed where you can pick up the line and the bale with your trigger finger in one easy motion. This enables one handed casting. Designed so that the line and trigger self center you are ready to go cast after cast. Simple, easy, smooth and strong. The Spirex shown below is the 2500 or medium heavy with front drag.

Fluid Drive II

Shimano is known for their tight tolerances when making gears. This translates into smooth operating reels. Fluidrive II takes this to a new level, by polishing the gear surfaces they have been able to maximize tooth to tooth contact - thereby increasing the efficiency of the gear action. This translates into the smoothest retrieve yet - and the easiest one to boot.

Dyna Balance

Pick up a Shimano Spirex and give the hand crank a big turn - you immediately notice a reel with very little wobble. Thanks to Dyna Balance Technology Shimano has built into this reel a computer counter balance process that minimizes wobble. Similar to balancing a tire, rotor weight is redistributed which reduces vibration and wobble and creates some of the smoothest rotating spinning reels on the market.


S Concept Technology really points you to the what has made Shimano so popular. Known for their world class bicycle gears - smooth shifting and strength - Shimano has put this technology into their reels making smooth, silent, strong and solid fishing reels. Because of tight tolerance production of gears, Shimano Spirex reels are smooth and silent. World class components give you a strong and solid feel. Recent advancements bring you even bigger spools and smaller bodies which results in lighter weight for your all day fishing comfort.

The end result are reels offering anglers smooth, silent and strong reels that are designed for years of fishing use. The knowledge of fishing and the minds of Shimano's engineers have given today's angler state-of-the-art reels that are ready for any challenge.

Propulsion Line Management System

Propulsion Line Management System: What good is a fishing reel if you can't get your lures out there where the fish are? The angled lip design in Shimano Spinning Reels is the first thing you notice from their Propulsion Line management technology. Through computer design and thousands of casts, this angled lip results in longer casting distances, less backlashes and wind knots, smaller loops in the line, and less slapping on the stripper guide. This design results in less friction allowing for longer casts with more consistency.

Available Shimano Spirex

MODEL / Weight Line / Crank (inches) Line Cap. (#Test / Yards) PowerPro Line Capacity Max Drag (lbs) SS Ball Bearings Roller Bearings Gear Ratio
1000 / 8.8oz
28 in
2/270, 4/140, 6/110
10/95, 15/85 , 20/65
7 lbs
2500 / 10.6oz
32 in.
6/200, 8/140, 10/120
10/170, 15/145, 30/95
15 lbs
4000 / 13.9oz
33 in.
6/200, 10/200, 12/160
15/265, 30/175, 50/145
20 lbs

We at PFT have used both front and rear drag, and honestly we like both.  You won't go wrong with either one.  If we lean to one over the other it can be a bit easier for quick adjustments with a rear drag.  When jigging, a front drag reel may be just as good. Whether front or rear, you owe it to yourself to pick one of these up and try it.