Practical Fishing Tips

With so many ways and places to fish, and so little time,  Practical Fishing Tips provides common sense answers for your fishing and boating questions including:  selecting a fillet board, tying fishing knots, the role of a cane pole, wiring and understanding boat batteries, how to use a fish stringer, selecting a vacuum sealer, ice fishing heaters and accessories, selecting a boat anchor,  buying your license on line, repair and replacing boat trailer parts, selection of gear, filleting fish, and even learning and sharing fishing jokes like:     "How do you tell when a fisherman is lying?  Their lips will be moving..."

The Lure of Fishing

The lure of fishing may be different for everyone, but includes the beauty of nature as seen in the waterfall on Rainy Lake above.   Others include the fact that fishing fills a basic human need within men and women - Food on the table.   "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he can eat for a lifetime." (Chinese Proverb)   Often parents / grandparents teach children to fish at young ages, and many fall in love with fishing.  Fishing can and should be fun - and becomes more so when shared with friends and family.  In the picture below two good friends hold a northern pike that both had actually caught - 5 minutes apart.  Also, perhaps most important, when done successfully your outing ends by letting you choose from your favorite fish recipes.  Featured on the following page link is an excellent fried fish recipe used at the Annual AABF Canadian Fishing Trip -  simple and delicious:

Fried Fish Recipe - Coating for light crispy fillets.

Ever Wonder About These Practical Fishing Tips Topics?

These topics are captured in Practical Fishing tips with a page of its own the links to each are shown below.  As youngsters, how many of you learned to fish with a standard cane pole.    Simple and effective - you can catch fish till your arms are tired using this simple mechanical device.   Over the years we at PFT  have outfitted several freshwater fishing boats.   In doing so we have spent countless hours researching which products fit anglers needs best and asked hundreds of questions to get our own practical fishing tips from other experienced anglers.   Research has been done into correct boat wiring in order to install or replace 12 volt electrical accessories.  We have had to add batteries in series or parallel to suit specific needs.  We have installed and replaced multiple depth finders / some with GPS.  Most here at PFT find doing our own boat and motor maintenance to be rewarding and easy to do.  Every 4 years or so you will find yourself buying a new boat battery or two.  Of course, one great reward of fishing is to enjoy your catch for dinner, but to do this you need to master the process of filleting fish - this allows you to serve your fish without bones - and that makes everyone happy.  Explore everything you need to know to fillet fish and which fish cleaning equipment is most important and the best.  Which fillet board is the best for your needs?  How do fillet boards differ?   Do you need a simple fish stringer, metal fish stringer, fish basket of live well?  What about a fishing light and do they really work?  Click on the links below and read more.

  1. Cane Pole
  2. Freshwater Fishing Boats
  3. Boat Wiring,
  4. Depth Finders
  5. Boat Battery
  6. Filleting Fish
  7. Fillet Fish
  8. Fish Cleaning Equipment
  9. Fillet Boards
  10. Fish Stringer
  11. Live Well
  12. Fishing Light Attractors

Additional Practical Fishing Tips Topics:

Learn While Doing

Learning is a life long process, it is rewarding, can be exciting and sometimes funny.  Sometimes the best learning comes with a price - like trying to fix a trolling motor still mounted on the bow or your boat which is sitting in the water at the dock:  Murphy's law was in full effect here as "if it could happen it will" and this PFT group dropped a key part of their trolling motor in the water.  Fortunately the water at the dock was only 2 feet deep under the bow of the boat and  tragedy was avoided when the part was retrieved.  Explore all of Practical Fishing Tips and learn from our contributors experiences.  You will also be invited to share some of your own key learnings.