Boat Trailer Rollers

Understand which type of boat trailer rollers will be right for your application - durable, non marking, long lasting rollers - find one to match your exact needs.  You can find virtually any size, style, color or model to match your boat trailer rollers if and when you need to replace one.  New materials make todays rollers last much longer.  Be sure to check your rollers for wear, cracking or exposed metal that can damage your boats finish or make it harder to load your boat onto your trailer.

Bow Stop Rollers

Tie Down MFG.. Bow Stop Roller Assembly features advanced PVC construction which lasts longer, won't split, crack or leave scuffs on your boat. Tired of replacing rollers? Cleaning scuff marks off your boat? Tie Down's Poly Vinyl Rollers use an enhanced formula for PVC that far outperforms traditional polyurethane products and rubber. They're long lasting, cut resistant, absorb shock, and will not mark or mar your boat.  Even better, volume negotiating power saves you hard-earned cash off the in-store price.  Keep your boating season rollin'.

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Keel Rollers

Seachoice makes a series of boat trailer rollers, including this non-marking black rubber Heavy-Duty Keel Roller.  These babies are built to take the brunt of the load... go ahead, replace your worn rollers with these Heavy-Duty Keel Rollers.  These come with 5/8" nylon inserts and its heavy-duty steel sleeve and tapered design provide longer life, especially with heavier boats. Click on link below and select your size from 8-12 inches. 

Steel Roller Shafts

If you have a rusted and/or bent steel shaft, Smith probably makes a replacement for your application.  Click on the link above and review one of their Zinc-plated Steel Shafts for your needs. Two pal nuts are included with each shaft that supports rollers to turn freely. Examples of sizes that Smith supplies are:  {5 1/4", 1/2" OD Length: 5 1/4". Replacement for 4" roller}   {Smith Steel Shaft for Rollers, 6 1/4", 1/2" OD Length: 6 1/4". Replacement for 5" roller}  {Smith Steel Shaft for Rollers, 9 1/4", 5/8" OD Length: 9 1/4". Replacement for 8" roller}  {Smith Steel Shaft for Rollers, 13 1/4", 5/8" OD Length: 13 1/4". Replacement for 12" roller}  {Smith Steel Shaft for Rollers, 6 1/4", 5/8" OD Length: 6 1/4". Replacement for 5" roller}  {Smith Steel Shaft for Rollers, 11 1/8", 5/8" OD Length: 11 1/8". Replacement for 10" roller}  {Smith Steel Shaft for Rollers, 5 1/4", 5/8" OD Length: 5 1/4". Replacement for 4" roller}

Adjustable Boat Roller Guides

These fulton Heavy Duty Boat Roller guides are a big help when loading your boat.  Just take a look at the features of each one, then pick the best PAIR for your situation and needs.  Fulton roller guide system with heavy-duty rollers helps center your boat while loading.  The universal fit rustproof hardware works on bunk or roller style trailers.  Sound Interesting?  Click on the link above and see for yourself. Sold in pairs.  These are Great! 

Wobble Boat Trailer Rollers

Need replacement round boat trailer rollers?  These wobble rollers from "Tie Down" found on Amazon,  are excellent - check them out.  Sold in a pack of 4 - say good bye to wobble.

Deluxe Roller Bunks

Replacing your standard carpeted bunks with these deluxe roller bunks provides a much lower friction alternative.  Dramatic improvement seen when launching or loading your boat, will not compromise hull support.  Using the universal mount these roller bunks attach directly to vertical or horizontal bunk boards.  Each section contains 3 heavy-duty non-marking rollers. The bunks are a durable 12-ga. steel frame that provides full hull support and are sold in pairs.  Deluxe Roller Bunks 5' Pair Galvanized Supports up to 3000 lb. boat capacity. Deluxe Roller Bunks Bracket Sold individually.

Other Boat Trailer Parts