Arizona Fishing License

Grand Canyon Grand Canyon

A valid Arizona Fishing License is required if you plan to do any fishing there. Known for the Grand Canyon, excellent fishing can also be found. When you take a closer look you will find a lot of diverse fishing opportunities.

Arizona: Did You Know?

Glen Canyon Dam Glen Canyon Dam

  • Arizona features access to the two largest man made lakes in the US: Lake Powell, formed by Glen Canyon Dam and straddling both Utah and Arizona, and also Lake Mead formed by the Hoover Dam and in both Nevada and Arizona. Both of these lakes are formed by the Colorado River Flowage.
  • Lake Powell Marina Lake Powell Marina

  • AZGFD (Arizona Game and Fish Department) aggressively manages statewide fisheries to insure an abundant future of fishing for their state.
  • Lake Roosevelt Arizona Lake Roosevelt

  • Arizona features 1500 miles of coldwater streams and rivers and about 80 lakes that have either native or stocked trout. In addition, the AZGFD manages an additional 355,000 acres of waters from ponds to large reservoirs.
  • The Apache Trout, native to Arizona is the state fish for Arizona. Apache Trout - State Fish. Click on this great link within the AZGFD to read about this unique sport fish. Its odd color is mostly yellowish, with lots of irregular spots. Its black spots on the pupils give appearance of black stripe through its eye.
  • Arizona features 5 hatcheries, many of which work diligently to preserve their native species including the Apache Trout: Bubbling Ponds, Canyon Creek, Page Springs, Silver Creek, and Tonto Creek. Read more about these hatcheries and possible tours at: Arizona Fish Hatcheries
  • Zebra and Quagga Mussels Clean, Drain, and Dry

  • Arizona, like most states has regulations in place to prevent the spread of both Zebra and Quagga Mussels. A nationwide problem, these little critters can block and cause damage to pipes, plumbing and motors. "Clean, Drain, and Dry" is a familiar phrase that you must listen to and heed. Read more in the Arizona Fishing Rules and Regulations
  • Arizona Fishing Regulations Rules and Regulations

    If you are 14 years of age or older you are required to obtain a valid Arizona fishing license whether a resident or non-resident if you want to fish public waters in Arizona. All fishing regulations are covered in the Regulation PDF file on line at the AZGFD.

Arizona Fishing License

Click on this link to view the entire licensing program for Arizona Hunting and Fishing: AZ Fishing License OnLine Following is a partial list of available licenses just to provide a snapshot of what is available. Annual fees may be different than these listed. These prices are just meant to give a ball park figure.
License Type
General Fishing Annual
Urban Fishing Annual
One Day Fishing
Five Day Fishing
Four Month Fishing
Trout Stamp
This table does not list all Arizona fishing licenses that are available, rather provides just a snapshot overview, for the most current cost of your AZ license, please click on the Link to the AZGFD Arizona Fishing License OnLine

Arizona State Records - Inland Waters

16lbs 7 oz 28 in
Canyon Lake
7 lbs .96 oz 22.75 in
Roosevelt Lake
Striped Bass
29 lbs 13.76 oz 45.25 in
Lake Pleasant
White Bass
4 lb 11.7oz 19.5 in
Upper L.Pleasant
Blue Gill
3 lb 15.68oz 15.75 in
Goldwater Lake
Channel Cat
32 lb 4 oz 38.75 in
Parker Canyon L.
Flathead Cat
71 lb 10.24oz 53 in
San Carlos L.
Black Crappie
4lb 10 oz
San Carlos L.
White Crappie
3 lb 5.28 oz 16.75 in
Lake Pleasant
Arctic Grayling
1 lb 9.76oz 14.65in
Lee Valley L.
Northern Pike
32 lb 5.6 oz 49 in
Ashurst Lake
7lb 8.8 oz 20 in
Saguaro Lake
Apache Trout
5lb 15.5 oz 24 in
Hurricane Lake
Brook Trout
4 lb 15.2 oz 20.5 in
Sunrise Lake
Cutthroat Trout
6lb 5 oz 22.3 in
Luna Lake
Gila Trout
3lb 5.6 oz 19.25 in
Frye Mesa Res.
Rainbow Trout
15 lb 9.12 oz 32.5 in
Willow Springs L.
16 lb 1.76 oz 31 in
Show Low L.
White Amur
47 lb 1.6oz 46.5in
Encanto Park L.

For a complete and up-to-date listing of all Arizona Fish Records please click on the following link: Arizona State Records Get your Arizona Fishing License on line today and try your luck at breaking one of these state records.

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