Wash Down Pump

Adding a wash down pump to your boat brings a lot of versatility and options you have never had before: such as:  cleaning out live wells, rinsing off the side of your boat from fish droppings or blood, or for use when cleaning up after on board fish filleting. There are several manufacturers who make a wash down kit that includes a pump, connectors and a hose - which is typically coiled for ease of use and storage. 

Water Pump Kit

Coiled Hose Coiled Hose Found in Kit

To install a wash down kit on your boat you will need to answer several questions:

  • Where would be the best place to place the pump and hose?  Is there a place to put the pump out of sight? or a place it can be seen but out of the way.
  • Where will you run the tubing for water supply?
  •  Will you be able to hide the pump and tubing or will
  • What will your water supply be - lake water or an onboard water holding tank?
  • If drawing water from the lake, the water intake can be installed through the transom similar to your live well intake, or you can make a movable tube that can be placed over the transom into the water.   Through hull parts can be found at most sporting goods stores.
  • Most wash down pump kits include the pump, connectors, a water screen and a coiled hose as shown in the above. picture.  Water screen canisters should be emptied for winter storage.
Water Pump And Filter Water Pump with Filter Screen

Water Pump Accumulator Tank

Marine and RV dealers suggest such a tank in order to decrease pump running time, reduce motor heat due to excess cycling, and create a more consistent water flow for wash down and rinsing.   You will need to assess space for such a tank which is often placed in a dry storage area with the ability to run water lines to and from pump to the accumulator tank to the output hose.  Many boats have a sub floor where gas tanks are located and side walls where all sorts of wiring and tubing can be placed.  Estimate the length of water hose you will need and pick this up at local hardware stores.  Of course you must also be able to connect the pump and switch to an accessory battery. 

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Wash Down Pump Kits

This Johnson Pump and wash down kit shown below contains all you need to get started.  The pump delivers 5 gallons per minute at a maximum pressure of 70 PSI.  Packaged with a 25 foot coiled hose, a valved bulk head fitting and inlet strainer to protect the pump.  Add an additional accumulator tank as shown above to complete you unit.