Freshwater Fishing Boats

When you begin to look at freshwater fishing boats you will find there are many choices.  Practical Fishing Tips will walk you through these choices, whether aluminum fishing boats, pontoon fishing boats, or easy to transport inflatable fishing boats there is one out there that will fit your needs.  Where will you be fishing most often?  Locally, or will you want to pull your boat miles and fish on very large water?  Will you want to also be able to pull a skier on occasion?  These and many other questions will be addressed on the attached pages.

Before You Buy Your Fishing Boat

Pontoon Fishing Boat Pontoon Fishing Boat
Everyone wants to avoid the feeling expressed in the saying: The two best days of my life were the day I bought my boat and the day I sold my boat. Click on the link above and review common sense questions that can lead you to make the best decision for you.

Selecting Freshwater Fishing Boat

With so many choices: from buying new or used, large boat or small boat, Inboard, Outboard, Fiberglass, Aluminum, how do you know if you will make the right choice? Reality Check: There are really no bad choices. Each boat offers unique benefits based on when and where you plan to use your fishing boat. Click the link above to help you sort through the benefits of each option in order to select the fishing boat that best fits your needs.

Fishing Boat Ownership

Freshwater Fishing Boat Trailer Fishing Boat Trailer
If you are new to boat ownership topics on these two pages will put you at ease, and coach you in what you will need to learn about safely towing your new boat and trailer.

Fishing Boat Ownership

  • Hooking up to the trailer
  • Towing Your Fishing Boat and Trailer
  • Launching Your Boat

Click on the link above and get a better feel for all the ins and outs of handling your freshwater fishing boat.

Fishing Boat Ownership, Cont'd.

Click on this link to go deeper into topics that are important for the boat owner. Covered on this page include the topics below. These are all things you will need to become familiar with, and over time become expert in. The topics below are covered:
  • Driving Your boat on the water
  • Loading Your boat on the trailer at the boat ramp
  • Boat Storage
  • Boat Maintenance
  • Boating Regulations
New Fishing Boat Father In Law / Son In Law -Ready to Go Fishing