Anchor Bend Knot

The anchor bend is a strong knot that is easy to tie, and can be relied upon to keep you anchor securely attached to your rope.  While this knot is secure pay attention to what the other end of your rope is tied to.  The last thing you want is to deploy your anchor only to watch the entire anchor rope disappear into the water.  

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Understanding Knot Basics

Terminology for anchor rope and other fishing knots are similar.  The anchor bend can be used to tie your anchor rope to a ring or post on your vessel.   The anchor bend can also be used to attach the working end to your anchor. 

Anchor Bend - Step One

Anchor Bend Making This Bend - Step One
The first thing you may ask is why this is called a bend and not a hitch? Well you are right, it ties like an end hitch. You may call it an Anchor Knot if you like. Just know it works securing your rope to a ring in your boat as well as your rope to your anchor. The first step to tie this bend (hitch) is to pass the working end or your rope over and through the ring twice as in this picture.

Step Two

Anchor Bend Step Two
The next step in making this bend (hitch) is to pass your working end of the rope over the standing part then under and through the two loops made around the ring as shown in the picture. Pull this knot tightly now against the ring of your anchor. This forms a tight and secure closure on your anchor as shown in the picture below.

Anchor Bend - Tighten

Anchor Bend Tighten Up Your Rope

Final Step

Anchor Bend Recommended Final Step
The final step is considered optional but I recommend for added security. Pass your working end around the standing part of your rope then pass it through the loop you just made as shown in the picture to the right. Once you have completed this step tighten the rope as shown in the picture below. This final step is called adding a Half Hitch.
Anchor Bend Tighten - Ready To Anchor