Boat Anchor Winch

A boat anchor winch is one of the most helpful tools you can add to your fishing boat.  With an appropriate anchor winch one person can drive the boat, let the anchor out, and retrieve the anchor smoothly.  While it is wise to always have a partner on the boat, even more fun, sometimes you may be by yourself, or your partner is unable or unwilling to work the anchor.

There are manual and electric anchor winches available for you to choose from.  The following model from Anchormate comes with new features.  

Manual Anchormate Winch

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Anchormate II features a new heavy duty anchor reel with added line capacity combined with a newly designed horizontal bow fixture which makes this set a welcome addition to any boat. The manual reel features non-slip action with independent brake and clutch springs for use with anchors up to 18 lbs. The reel accommodates approximately 150 feet of 3/16 nylon rope Bow fixture utilizes an exclusive ''lift-over'' arm which pulls the anchor into a horizontal position for a snug fit and reduced rope tension.  This black heavy duty Anchormate II Anchor Reel is finished in an electrostatic powder coating to resist corrosion. Anchor is not included. Read more / order yours ONLINE Today by clicking at the following link: 

Electric Boat Anchor

This DeckHand Electric Winch will stow and deploy your anchor with just a push of a button, making your time on the water more productive and enjoyable.  Its anti-drag system allows for controlled drifting.   This electric boat anchor winch is available in the following sizes:

  • DeckHand 15 - Includes 15 lb anchor and 60 ft of 800 lb test rope.
  • DeckHand 25 - Anchor not included - has 25 lb capacity; Includes 60 ft of 800 lb test rope.
  • DeckHand 40 - Anchor not included - has 40 lb capacity; Includes 100 ft of 800 lb test rope.
  • DeckHand 40 Pontoon - adds a quick release bracket, quick connect plug and 25 foot wired remote switch for pontoon boats.

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TRAC Electric Anchor Winch

This TRAC boat anchor winch features a low profile for tight spots.  Its ease of use and speed allow you to sample the area honey holes conveniently. A power-up switch quickly retrieves mushroom or river anchors at 65 ft. per minute (70 ft. per minute for Big Water 45). A panel switch can be installed on the winch cover or boat's helm. Includes a universal anchor roller and 100 ft. of 3 16" pre-spooled anchor line with 600 lbs. of tensile strength. Anchor roller can be installed close to winch or spaced away for longer anchor shanks. Installation hardware included. Two-year manufacturer's limited warranty.   Availability in the following sizes:

  • Fisherman 25: Maximum anchor capacity: 25 lbs. For boats up to 21-ft. long. Winch dimensions: 10"L x 9.75"W x 5.75H".
  • Pontoon 35: Maximum anchor capacity: 35 lbs. For boats up to 24-ft. long. Winch dimensions: 19.5"L x 9.75"W x 5.75H".
  • Big Water 45: Has a free-fall release button that stops when "Up" button is pushed. Comes with a light to see button at night. Has smallest foot print for tight install areas. Maximum anchor capacity: 45 lbs. For boats up to 24-ft. long. Winch dimensions: 10.1"L x 8.3"W x 6.5H

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Trac Wireless Remote

This TRAC Wireless Remote Control Fob is convenient for push button operation which means you can operate it with a 40 foot range from anywhere on your boat.  

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