Vacuum Bag Sealer - Entry Level

You are thinking about a vacuum bag sealer but are not sure which features you might want and how much you want to pay.  Read here about common features found in entry level vacuum sealers and whether one of these might be the best food vacuum sealer for you.

Food Vacuum Sealer Canada Walleye Ready for Freezer

Vacuum Bag Sealer:  Pros and Cons

A big pro for a vacuum bag sealer on this page is the price.  If you don't plan to use a vacuum sealer multiple times on a daily basis one of these might be the one for you.  The biggest negative is that they are not made to be repaired, and their pumps are generally not as strong as the more professional or commercial models.  If you don't plan to keep your frozen packages for more than six months or more this generally is not a problem.  Check your vacuum packed foods periodically and repackage any that appear to have lost their seal.  These work well for individual needs.

GameSaver Deluxe Plus Vacuum Sealer

This vacuum bag sealer has several good reviews and a couple that are not as consistent. This model was my first food vacuum sealer.  It has worked for nearly 10 years sealing fish, turkey, deer, and leftovers.  Great for other items including garden produce, or even vacuum sealing camping or clothing for packing, saving space or keeping humidity from getting to the item.   This GameSaver Deluxe is hands free once started.  Also built in is a  CrushFree instant seal;  Most of the GameSavers have an easy-clean drip tray.  The sealing strip is nearly 3mm allowing for secure seals.  GameSaver comes with 2 vacuum speeds and provides a built in bag cutter which is really convenient.  Their patented vacuum channel will catch over flow liquid that seeps out during the sealing process.  GameSaver also has an accessory port that can be used with FoodSaver cannisters or jars. The box includes one 10-ft. roll of 11" bag material and five pre-cut bags.   Game Saver and Food Saver bags and rolls are readily available from many retail outlets.  GameSaver Bags can be microwaved, frozen and boiled.  For moderate usage this is where I started and you can order yours on line at: 

11" x 50' Roll of Vacuum Sealer Commercial Grade Vacuum Bags

FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer

FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System

This compact Foodsaver V2244 Sealer is also modestly priced below $100.  Because of its  compact design it easily stores out of the way, yet can be quickly pulled out to seal and preserve a variety of foods.   Use it for meats, fish, deli meats, cheese, left overs, cookies, well you name it.  If you have a smoker you need a handy sealer and this FoodSaver V2244 vacuum sealing system has you covered.

2 Large 8" x 50' Vacuum Sealer Rolls Commercial Grade Food Saver Sealer Bags

GameSaver Bronze Mossy Oak Sealer 

GameSaver Bronze Vacuum Sealer, Mossy Oak Camouflage

This GameSaver Bronze Vacuum Bag Sealer will help preserve everything from dried fruit to elk steaks! Yes, it will help prevents freezer burn and helps your game taste fresh longer.   Its main features include:  touchpad controls, a built-in roll storage and cutter, an accessory hose port, two speed settings, an adjustable food setting, an easy-lock latch, a removable drip tray, and an extra-wide sealing strip.   Included in the packaging is one 11" x 10' roll, one 8" x 10' roll, five 1-quart bags, five 1-gallon bags, and one accessory hose.  

GameSaver Silver Vacuum Sealer

FoodSaver GameSaver Silver System

The GameSaver Silver does a great job for keeping game and fish fresh in your freezer by locking out air and sealing in freshness. This GameSaver Silver works with either 110 volt outlets or can be used with the 12 volt adaptor.  Built with added strength for improved repetitive sealing of bags.  Other features include a fuel guage style progress light, easy clean control buttons, and intelligent sealing control.  Click to read more about this very good sealer.

FoodSaver 44 Quart-sized Bags


It is important to know that these entry level vacuum bag sealers will do the job.    It would be very important to learn about their warranties, and make sure you use them a lot during that warranty period.  If not satisfied or you find you have one that does not do the job then you have some protection.  From our experience, if you don't vacuum seal for just your self and don't need to seal dozens of packages at a time these sealers should work well for you.  The biggest difference between these and the next level is turn around time and ability to seal larger numbers of packages in shorter amount of time.

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