Industrial Vacuum Sealers

Step up to industrial vacuum sealers that provide stronger vacuums, are easier to clean and often are approved by the food and drug administration.  Some are even suitable for home usage.  These units will seal package after package usually as long as you are able to stand there and feed in bags,  without getting hot.   A must if you are planning to package for sale any of your produce or meat products.

+/- Industrial Vacuum Sealers

The biggest pro for an Industrial Vacuum Sealer  is the construction:  generally made from stainless steel for ease of cleaning and come with a  heavy duty motor that draws a high vacuum without overheating.  The major negative for most anglers or hunters is the price point of these models generally retail well over $500.  You will have to decide if the quantity of food you want to shrink wrap warrants this expenditure.

ARY VacMaster VP112 Vacuum Sealer

This is VacMaster's initial entry into the industrial vacuum sealers.  The VP112 uses a chamber system, which means the filled bags are placed inside for the process.  These chamber vacuum sealers are able to achieve a greater vacuum which translates into potentially longer life in the freezer for the food you process.  In addition because you technically do not "Suck" or "pull" air out of the package you are able to vacuum package liquid or fresh meats that have a lot of liquid and blood which can interfere with channel type sealers:  this chamber unit handles these items quickly and with minimal mess.

VacMaster VP112S Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The ARY VacMaster VP112 is similar to other industrial vacuum sealers being made of commercial quality stainless steel.  Its large internal chamber can handle bags up to 12 inches by 14 inches and as small as 6x10 inches.  Simply place the filled bag into the chamber and close the lid.  When you push start the pump removes air from the chamber, as the vacuum reaches the set level your food bag is sealed.  When completed air flows back into the chamber and the process ends with a beep.  The VP112 weighs in at 50 pound and has a foot print of 16 x 24 inches and only 9 inches high which means you won't be whisking this unit from room to room, and may not want to pull it out of storage for a one bag job.  If you have room on your counter or shop where this unit can sit then usage when needed is a snap.+mmmm  When you reach the point where you are looking at industrial vacuum sealers, but want the fit and efficiency to use at home, this VacMaster fits the bill. 

ARY VacMaster VP210 Vacuum Sealer

VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
The VP 210 is the next size up from the VP112 above.  It shares the same commercial chamber vacuum design of the VP112.  Much of what has been said above is true for the VP 210.  A "Dry Rocker Piston Pump" provides the powerful vacuum for this unit.  Ease of use is similar by simply filling your bag with food, meat of other product, placing it in the chamber, closing the lid, turning on the power and the rest is automatic.   There is an adjustable seal bar timer so that a variety of bag sizes and thicknesses can be used.  Don't forget you can seal liquids and liquid filled meats.  The VacMaster VP210 is USDA approved with a stainless steel chamber.  Its overall size: 20.5"L x 14.5"W x 11"H and weight of 72 lbs make this one more difficult to move about which means you may have to find a location where you won't move this often. 

Chamber Vacuum Storage Information

A variety of foods and products can be stored using these methods. Know your food groups, never vacuum package garlic or fungi like mushrooms because they will go bad in this environment.  They will actually undergo a dangerous chemical reaction, go bad and become dangerous to eat.  Vegetables should be blanched before packaging to protect against their spoilage.  The following chart is taken from the VacMaster Product Literature and is meant only to be a guide.

Food Product
Vacuum Freezer Storage
Vacuum Refrig. Storage
Normal Refrig. Storage
Fresh Beef 1-3 yrs 1 Month 1-2 weeks
Ground Meat 1 yr 1 month 1-2 weeks
Fresh Pork 2-3 yrs 2-4 weeks 1 week
Fresh Fish 2 yrs 2 weeks 3-4 days
Fresh Poultry 2-3 yrs 2-4 weeks 1 week
Fresh Produce (blanched) 2-3 yrs 2-4 weeks 1-2 weeks
Two excellent chamber sealers are shown below:

ARY VacMaster VP215 Chamber

VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Genuine VacMaster 40722 (8 Inch by 10 Inch) and 40725 (10 Inch by 13 Inch) 3-Mil Vacuum Chamber Pouches, 750 Pouches!


How big and powerful is enough?  These industrial vacuum sealers weigh more, take up more space but offer the chance to remove the maximum amount of air for maximum storage capacity.  There biggest draw back is they are more expensive.  You will know if you need to step up to one of these industrial vacuum sealers.  A must if you plan to package and then sell commercially.  They may be very  helpful if you have a large family and capture and process most of your own food.  Click links below to review small and less expensive vacuum sealer models.