How To Clean A Fish

Before you learn how to clean a fish be sure you gather together all the proper fish cleaning tools, including a sharp fillet knife, a flat surface or a fillet board, a container or freezer bags to take your fillets home and of course: go catch some fish.
Stringer of Fish for Cleaning Stringer of Fish for Cleaning ,

How To Clean A Fish - Basics

Thinking through the process of cleaning fish you should decide if you will use a Fishing Glove or a Kevlar Glove to protect your hand from the gills and fins of your fish during their handling. Cutting or sticking your hand is common when removing your fish from the hook or lure, putting the fish in live well or will you need a Fish Stringer, and/ or what about using a Fillet Board?
When cleaning a fish you will sometimes find that you will use a Fish Cleaning Table or a Fish Cleaning Station.) Don't forget that when you pick up your Fillet Knife to begin the cleaning your fish, this is perhaps the most important time to think about protecting your hands. Whether it is a fixed blade or electric knife - a hand protecting glove as mentioned above is a good investment. Click on this link to read more about them: Fishing Gloves, Kevlar Glove

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TWO WAY Fillet® - One of a Kind

This product has quickly become our go to fillet board and clamp.  Why?  We wanted a way to anchor a fish head to a board that was easy and safe.  Laying in perfect fillet position you then are able to make your cut away from the anchor point.  TWO WAY Fillet®  has answered this need.   Securely holding the fish by its lower lip then clamping into the fillet board the fish is anchored in perfect fillet position.   This gives you a free hand for the filleting process.  It easily unsnaps and flips the fish over for side two.  Truly a new innovation in the fish fillet board area - and is priced very competitively.   We suggest you check it out.

Fish Cleaning Tools

In addition to the most needed tools when learning how to clean a fish,  and optional tools listed below, think about how you will rinse your fish fillets in clean water.  Look for a sign at the cleaning station if you are not certain that the water source provides potable water.  How to clean a fish:  Whether you are new to fishing or experienced having a good stash of proper tools is a big help.

Potable Water. This simply means safe for human consumption. If you are not sure, consider having 1-2 gallons of spring water with you in reserve for rinsing and transporting your catch in clean water.

Fish Cleaning Tools

Fish Cleaning Tools Fish Cleaning Tools

Optional Fish Cleaning Tools

fish cleaning table Fish Cleaning Table

Become An Expert In Filleting

Now you know about the tools and supplies you might need to fillet your fish, click on these links to learn about the anatomy of fish, actual filleting techniques, and more specifics of how these other tools help make the perfect fillet: Whether you know how to clean a fish, or are new to this task, here are some additional resources for your review:
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