Walleye Fishing Trip

Whether your 1st or your 50th walleye fishing trip, each trip is filled with anticipation, excitement, and challenge.  Conditions will almost never be the same.  Late ice out, early ice out, too much rain, too little rain, warmer than normal, cooler than normal, the water is high, the water is low, too rainy, too windy, not enough wind, and/or many other combinations.

One thing you don't want to worry about is your lodging.  Finding a great camp that is clean and comfortable and has all the amenities you desire allows you to focus daily on where and how the walleye are biting.  Walleye are typically caught jigging, trolling a crankbait, slow trolling a bait with a spinner, or casting.  Your best source for each trip is local information - which camp owners are usually more than glad to share that with you.  Even better and more hands on would be to hire a local guide - let them take you and show you where and how folks are catching the walleye at the time you are there.

Lac Seul Walleye Fishing Trip Guide Moose Walleye Fishing Trip Guide: Moose

Selecting Your Lodge

The three most common ways to find a great Canadian Fishing Camp or Lodge are:

  • Friends
  • Internet
  • Annual Sport/Fishing Expos

Ask a good fishing friend or fishing associate at a sporting goods store who has been on a Walleye Fishing Trip.  They are more than willing to talk fishing and share with you the location of their latest adventure.  The internet is full of websites for hundreds of fishing camps across Canada.  Here are several good ones:

Fishing Ontario - Lodges

All Canada Fishing

The following link describes several camps we here at PFT have enjoyed.
Canada Fishing Trips

Three Fishing Camps

  • Taylors Cove - located on Bear Pass Rainy Lake, Ontario
  • Little Canada Camp - Located on the English River, just outside of Ear Falls, Ontario
  • Evergreen Lodge - Located on the northern tip of Lac Seul, near Ear Falls, Ontario

    Taylors Cove Memory Page

    We do not represent Taylor's Cove or handle their reservations, we simply give a hearty thumbs up and report we had ten years of fantastic one week trips.  The fishing was excellent, Ed Taylor is awesome, and his lodging is also very good.  Taylor's Cove Resort is centrally located on the Canada side of Rainy Lake, not far outside of Fort Frances, Ontario - a great location for a walleye fishing trip.   Several new cabins, two  large ones, and constantly remodeling older cabins.  Groups from 2 up to 12  are easy to handle.  Located on Bears Pass, a natural passage connecting Red Gut Bay with Swell Bay on Rainy Lake, you have great access to some of the finest fishing experiences around.  Rainy Lake features a lot of walleye, as well as northern pike - some of which are very large  You will also encounter an occasional Muskie.  Rainy Lake also holds lake trout, and crappie.  Small mouth bass though plentiful, were once a secret here. The word is out, as you can find many that are above 5 pounds.  We feature a separate memory page from our trips to Taylors Cove - links below.

    Walleye Fishing Taylors Cove Taylors Cove Memory Page

    Click on the link above to view several more memory pics from visits to Taylor's cove, or give him a call at the number below.  Ed's cabins are like a home away from home.  Full baths in each one, kitchens with refrigerators and stoves, and clean comfortable beds.  He has rental fishing boats and offers a fish cleaning room.  Great lodge for your walleye fishing trip.  The contact information for Taylor's Cove is: 

    Taylor's Cove Lodge

    Taylor's Cove (Bears Pass) Ltd Gd
    Fort Frances, ON P9A 3M5, Canada

    Phone: (807) 481-2526

    Ear Falls, English River Little Canada Camp

    We do not represent Little Canada Camp, we just report we had several great trips to their camp.  About a 3 and 1/2 hour drive north of Fort Frances is Little Canada Camp,  located on the English River just below the dam from Lac Seul.  The English river system is very long,  flowing into Lac Seul and exiting that lake at the dam near Ear Falls.  The English River is full of Walleye and is sometimes called a walleye factory!  This does not mean they are always easy to catch, but it does mean on average you will likely catch more of this delicious fish than most other places.  Can you think of a better walleye fishing trip?  You will also find perch and northern pike.  Plenty of Bald Eagles can be seen, and don't be surprised if you see a moose or two.

    Walleye Fishing Trip Little Canada Trip Team AABF - Little Canada Camp

    Walleye Fishing Trip Little Canada Camp Little Canada Camp

    Little Canada also features clean cabins with full baths, running water, refrigerators, and access to a freezer. Rental boats are available. and the camp offers one of the nicest fish cleaning houses in the north. (It was this way in 2011.) Located a short drive from Ear Falls, you are very close to groceries, hardware, sporting goods store, and other essentials. Little Canada Camp - English River
    Walleye Fishing Trip Little Canada CampFish Cleaning House Walleye Fishing Trip Little Canada CampFish Cleaning House

    Little Canada Camp

    Ear Falls, ON P0V 1T0, Canada

    Phone: 1 807-529-4422

    Lac Seul Evergreen Lodge

    We do not represent Evergreen Lodge, however, we report that we have had outstanding fishing trips while staying there.  There are so many fishing lodges throughout Ontario and Canada that are very nice.  From top to bottom, Lac Seul Evergreen Lodge must rank near to the top.  Cabins are late models, or lately remodelled.  Not just the cabins but the entire grounds are kept clean.  Rental boats are some of the nicest you will find:  19 foot  "V" Bottom with 50 HP motors.  They are very comfortable and easily can fish 3 anglers.  Full house keeping cabins - entire kitchens, full baths, access to two freezers, ice, gas and bait daily.  Pat, the owner is friendly and guest oriented.  You would not be disappointed with a trip here.  Click on the link above and go to their website.  Recent pictures from visits there:

    Evergreen Lodge Launch Evergreen Lodge Boat Launch

    Evergreen Lodge Evergreen Lodge

    Evergreen Lodge Bragging Board Evergreen Lodge Bragging Board

    Evergreen Lodge Cabin Evergreen Lodge Cabin

    Evergreen Lodge Comfortable Beds Evergreen Lodge Comfortable Beds

    Evergreen Lodge Picnic Team AABF Evergreen Picnic Evergreen Lodge Cleaning Station Evergreen Lodge Fish House

    Evergreen Lodge 26 Incher Lac Seul 26 Inch Walleye

    Evergreen Lodge 27 Incher Lac Seul 27 Inch Walleye

    Evergreen Lodge Pike Lac Seul Pike

    This northern pike was not a length record, however it took off like a freight train when it grabbed the spoon.  Located on the northern tip of Lac Seul, Evergreen Lodge provides you with easy access to a fish sanctuary and lots of great water for walleye and pike fishing.  Several excellent guides are available for you that Pat can help set up to complete your walleye fishing trip.  Here is the link to their website information:

    Lac Seul Evergreen Lodge WebSite

    Lac Seul Evergreen Lodge WebSite

    P.O. Box 611 - Ear Falls, Ontario - P0V 1T0 info@lacseulwalleye.com

    Phone: (807) 222-3586 - 1-888-LAC-SEUL (522-7385)

    Walleye Fishing Trips

    Sun sets, sun rise, landscapes, eagles, loon, moose, deer, bear plus special treatment by Pat, the owner.  Wait, walleye and pike too!  You won't be disappointed.