Florida Fishing License Online

Buy your Florida Fishing License Online and head to the Fishing Capital of the World!  Whether you are a resident or you are looking for a Florida Non Resident Fishing License your online order couldn't be easier.  The licensing process is managed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.  Their online Home page:  

Florida Fish and Wildlife CC

This site will not only allow you to submit for your fishing license, it also gives many valuable tips and regulations about your fishing experience in the Sunshine State.  Did you know that over 1.4 million anglers enjoy the freshwater fisheries in Florida annually?

Florida is well known for the impact the Atlantic and the Gulf have on their state.  Most non resident anglers know about the opportunity for off shore salt water fishing.  In addition there are many public fishing docks around the state where you can apply your skills.   But did you know that Florida offers a wide variety of inland freshwater fishing as well?  Read about this and more then order your Florida Fishing License Online.

Florida Sunshine State and Shoreline

Did You Know?

  • Florida's freshwater lakes, ponds and reservoirs comprise over 3 million acres of fishable water.
  • Florida is home to over 12,000 miles of fishable rivers, streams and canals with no closed seasons.
  • Florida's coastline is nearly 1,200 miles long.
  • Florida's largest lake is Lake Okeechobee at over 700 Square Miles. (This lake is the second largest freshwater lake in the US)
  • Florida has over 7,700 lakes that are greater in size than 10 acres.
  • Florida also boasts the largest number of first magnitude springs - depending on your source of information, the definitions used, and the year of the publication you will see between 25-33 springs listed - more than any other state in the US.. Silver Springs is the largest freshwater spring that puts out clear water.
  • The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission manages two large hatcheries which stocked over 4.1 million fish in 2011. Blackwater Hatchery so while you are visiting this site why not pick up your Florida fishing license on line.

Lots of freshwater fishing lakes and rivers in Florida as well, including this Lake Taylor Panorama below:

Florida Fishing License Online Fee Structure - 2013

The fee structure below is from the 2013.  While these can be used as a general ball park estimate, actual fees can and will likely vary.    If you already know which license you need or you would like to review the current fee structure, then click on the following link to review and then order your license online:

Florida Resident or Non Resident Fishing License
Resident / Non
Time Frame
Age Parameters
16 Yrs and older
5 Year
16 yrs and older
16 to 64 Years
7 Day
Non Resident
7 Consecutive day
16 yrs and older
Non Resident
16 yrs and older

Who needs a Florida Fishing License?  If you are a Florida resident under 16 years of age, or you are 65 years or older,  you won't need a Florida license.    As a non resident, 16 years and older will require a license.  For all other rules and regulations click on one of the following two links:

Fishing License Online or Florida Do I Need a License?

Florida Freshwater Fish

This nice channel cat was caught by PFT friend Don while visiting our good fishing buddy Babe,  while in Florida.  They caught this cat while fishing the Stick Marsh using a shiner.  What is it about fishing that makes grown men smile?  This nice bass was caught at the same Stick Marsh by Babe's neighbor in Viera, using a 6 inch plastic worm rigged Texas style.  Lots of nice fish here in Florida!

Freshwater Inland Records

All listed weights and records of course are subject to change and are accurate as of the first part of 2013.  Click on the following link for a complete and up to date listing of freshwater inland records:  

Florida Fish Records

Florida Species
Florida Record
Blue Catfish
64.5 lbs - 2008
Choctawatchee River
Butterfly Peacock Bass
9.08 lbs 1993
Kendall Lakes
Channel Catfish
44.5 lbs 1985
Lake Bluff
Black Crappie
3.83 lbs 1992
Lake Talquin
Flathead Catfish
55.05 lbs 2011
Yellow River
Largemouth Bass
17.27 lbs 1986
Unnamed Lake
Suwannee Bass 3.89 lbs 1985
Suwannee River
Striped Bass
42.25 lbs 1993
Apalachicola River
Common Carp
40.56 lbs 1981
Apalachicola River
White Bass
4.68 lbs 1989
Apalachicola River

Florida Fishing Options

Pictures are worth a thousand words.  Charter Sport Ocean Fishing, Dock Fishing, Shore Fishing and Lake fishing - it really does not matter where - it is time to join the Florida fishing experience - and yes you will need a license, so why not get your Florida Fishing License Online today.  If you are a Heron you won't need to get a fishing license.

Whether you want to fish saltwater, a river, stream or canal, a small pond, lake or reservoir - the point is get out there and do it. Share that experience with a family member or good friend.  Get your Florida fishing license online today and think how much pleasure you will have - as this father and son are fishing this lake.