Trailer Tie Downs

Checking your boat trailer tie downs regularly for tight secure fit and be sure they are not frayed or worn. These trailer tie down straps are made of heavy duty material and generally last a long time.  When these tie down straps begin to wear or tear they should be replaced.  One most common reason for needing to buy a new tie down is because  one has been lost.  The importance of well maintained straps are part of your overall safety and security plan for your fishing outing.

Extreme Max 4' Transom Tie Downs

These 2 inch boat trailer tie down straps from Extreme Max feature rubber coated J hooks and rubber protective backing protect your boat surface.Extra long handle assist in opening and closing the latch. The straps are compatible with most popular size trailerable boats.

Retractable Trailer tie Down

This professional grade, retractable transom tie-down works like a seat-belt for your boat, the self storing straps will extend to 72 inches, but automatically retract to hold the boat snug just like a seat belt.  These units contain a built-in, one-hand ratchet with rubber-grip handle and release lever snugs the strap with a lift and click. Their vinyl coated hooks help protect your boat's finish. This pair is rated 3,500 lbs each strap.  And get this:  One-bolt installation makes the CargoBuckle part of your trailer so it won't get lost like conventional tie-downs.

Trolling Motor Tie Down

This Rod Saver tie down strap is a must for your trolling motors if you don't already have one.  Simple to use, yet very effective.  Your trolling motor won't bounce around while traveling on the lake or highway.  Available in two sizes, check them out. 

Transom Savers

Transom savers (transom tie downs) are important trailer tie downs that protect your motor and its hydraulic lift.  Easy to use, the rubber motor stop and strap secures your motor.  This transom saver is a standard straight support.  There styles that will reach down under the boat if needed. Easy to install.   Easily removable for loading/unloading. 

Boat Cover Tie Downs

  Of all your tie down needs your boat cover tie down straps receive the most wear and tear.  Exposed to highway force winds, they will have a tendency to wear where-ever they rub.  You certainly don't want to have your cover come loose while traveling.  These boat cover tie down straps are 1" heavy duty nylon webbing and are long enough (96 inches) to wrap around your boat frame.  Tip: truck drivers say to put 1-2 twists in the strap to minimize the amount of flapping that occurs from the wind.  These are available in packs of  12.  They also feature quick-release buckles for easy application and removal.

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