24 Volt Battery

 Learn how to connect two 12 volt batteries to make one 24 volt battery unit.  This is a common application needed to supply power to a trolling motor requiring 24 volts.  Some larger trolling motors will require 36 volts by connecting together 3 deep cycle 12 volt batteries in Series.

Similar to Flashlight Batteries

Connecting 2 or more 12 volt deep cycle batteries together is really easy and is not intimidating.  First:  stop to think - you are used to connecting 2 or more standard AA, AAA, C or D dry cell batteries together in a series for a flashlight for example.  Some flashlights will hold 4-6 "D" cells end to end.  This means that the (+) end touches the (-) end of the next battery.  Each battery = 1.5 volts.  A flashlight that holds 6 "D" cells delivers power to the light source of 9 volts:  you add the volts together in this "Series" application.  If you accidentally short a cell out by inadvertently doing something that causes the positive end to touch its negative end there usually are no fireworks with these small, flashlight batteries.  That is one big difference with 12 volt auto or marine batteries - touching a (+) to a (-) of the same battery will cause sparks!  Be careful.

24 Volt Battery - Series Connection

Using the same series process used with multiple battery flashlights, you are able to connect two 12 volt deep cycle batteries together in order to make in essence a 24 volt battery, that can power a 24 volt accessory  -  like a trolling motor.  Deep cycle batteries are used in this application because they are designed to deliver power over time, unlike a typical starter battery which is made to deliver a power jolt for starting a motor.  Following is a diagram of how to make a 24 volt battery:

What Size Wire?

You need to use heavier wire than when connecting radios, live well pumps, or depth finders to the battery.  Note the wires that run from the battery to the starter of your car engine.  Or note the wire that comes off your trolling motor.  You should match that size as close to possible.  It will likely be 6-8 gauge.

By using this same sequence you can set up a 36 volt system.  On freshwater fishing boats the most common use for either a 24 or 36 volt battery system is to power a trolling motor.  Do not connect 3 twelve volt batteries to run a 24 volt trolling motor. Damage will occur to your trolling motor if you try to connect 36 volts and your motor is only rated for 24 volts.  Read instructions carefully.  Some 2020 technology trolling motors new to the market may run off either 24 or 36 volt. Again read carefully.

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12 Volt Parallel Connection

There may be times that you want power that lasts longer, but want to maintain delivery of only 12 volts.  For example on larger vessels, with multiple electrical devices demanding power at the same time you  will see 2 if not more deep cycle batteries connected together..  You can accomplish this by "Parallel Connecting" two or more 12 volt batteries.  This application is also commonly seen in RVs.  Following is a diagram of how this might be done:

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