Alaska Fishing License

You need to buy your own Alaska Fishing License if you want to enjoy the World Class Fishing Alaska has to offer.  Tens of thousands of anglers, residents and non-residents alike, harvest then feast on salmon, halibut, crab, trout, and a wide variety of other fish, finfish and shellfish.  Whether you fish under the subsistence, personal or sport regulations Alaska contains perhaps the widest variety of fishing experiences anywhere in the world:  Wilderness, Urban, Saltwater, Lakes, Rivers and more:  What are you looking for?  Don't have time to research everything and you are on a time constraint?  Contact a certified Alaskan Fishing Guide who can do this for you and put you into a once in a lifetime fishing experience.

Alaskan Outdoor Majesty Alaskan Outdoor Majesty

Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game

Alaska Depadrtment of Fish and Game manages Alaska Fishing License process as well as managing the Alaskan Fisheries.  This is a monumental task, but one that is done with the most modern of techniques and detail.  Explore the ADFG fishing home page for more details about this, and/or review some of the facts that come from their site.  

Did You Know

  • Alaska commercial fishing is estimated at over $3 Billion wholesale value, and has over a $7 Billion economic impact employing over 90,000 full time equivalent jobs
  • Alaska is home to 3,000 rivers, 3 million lakes, and 6,640 miles os shoreline
  • The ADFG website features a webpage on the timing of the salmon runs - an excellent resource: ADFD Salmon Run Timing
  • The Alaska Fishing License is offered as Sport Fishing, Commercial Fishing, Subsistence Fishing and Personal Use Fishing: each with their own permits and regulations; Rely on the ADFG Home page for specific details - fees noted below are for sport fishing
  • Residents under the age of 16 and residents who reach the age of 60 do not need to purchase a sport fishing license.

Alaskan Map Alaskan Map

Alaska Fishing License:  Fees

Resident Sport Fishing License Annual $24.00
Resident Annual King Salmon Stamp $10.00
Non Res 1 Day Sport Fishing License $20.00
Non Res 1 Day King Salmon Stamp $10.00
Non Res 3 Day Sport Fishing License $35.00
Non Res 3 King Salmon Stamp $20.00
Non Res 7 Day Sport Fishing License $55.00
Non Res 7 Day King Salmon Stamp $30.00
Non Res 14 Day Sport Fishing License $80.00
Non Res 14 Day King Salmon Stamp $50.00
Non Res Sport Fishing License Annual $145.00
Non Res King Salmon Stamp Annual $100.00
  • Alaska Fishing License and permit for 14 days or less must be printed at home. Click on this link to proceed to the license purchase process: Alaskan Fishing License Site 2016
  • The following link provides a matrix that explains which type of license you will need: Which License Do I Need
  • All Fees are subject to change from year to year. Be sure to consult the current years fee schedule

Alaskan Trophy Fish Records

Arctic Char 27 lbs 6 oz 2002 Wulik River
Burbot 24 lbs 12 oz 1976 Lake Louise
King Salmon 97 lbs 4 oz 1985 Kenai River
Chum Salmon 32 lbs 1985 Camano Point
Coho Salmon 26 lbs 1976 Icy Strait
Cutthroat Trout 8 lbs 6 oz 1977 Wilson Lake
Grayling 4 lbs 13 oz 1981 Ugashik Narrows
Halibut 459 lbs 1996 Unalaska Bay
Lake Trout 47 lbs 1970 Clarence Lake
Lingcod 81 lbs 6 oz 2002 Monty Island
Northern Pike 38 lbs 8 oz 1991 Innoko River
Pink Salmon 12 lbs 9 oz 1974 Moose River
Rainbow / Steelhead Trout 42 lbs 3 oz Bell Island
Rockfish 38 lbs 11 oz 2001 Prince William Sound
Sheefish 53 lbs 1986 Pah River
Sockeye Salmon 16 lbs 1974 Kenai River
Whitefish 9 lbs 1989 Tozitna River

Alaskan Rivers, Contours, Elevation Map

One final resource for Alaska is this web link to show you an arial view of the contours, rivers and large lakes in Alaska. Alaska Maps and Contours

Alaska Copper River King Salmon Alaskan Copper River King Salmon

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