Team AABF was started because good friends came together with great anticipation of catching big fish.  Love to Fish?  Love to tell stories about fishing with good friends?  Add some fun to your fishing trips by creating a club, association, or team and make it official.  Our team was started for this exact purpose - a group of 9 anglers traveled to Taylors Cove in 1999 with great excitement and anticipation - hence the name which stands for Always Anticipate Big Fish

Plan Your Walleye Fishing Trip

Have fun planning your trip!  Come up with a name for your group, even form an association.  Groups will identify each members characteristics that can then easily be given officer titles in your association.  For example: the origin of our group name came about because as we were meeting to plan our trip our conversations always were filled with anticipation - hence the Association Name:  AABF - Always Anticipating Big Fish!  Of the original 9 who started our trip in 1999, two remain active - these two are founding members and have been promoted to Mr. Chairman and Mr. Vice Chairman.  Other officers now attending:  Communications Officer, Executive assistant, Procurement Officer, R&D Officer, Security Officer, Theology Officer, Sr. VP F&B (Food and Beverage) and CFO. 

Little Canada, Ontario AABF Team Trip 2011

Team Membership

Before anyone is accepted into membership they must fill out the following application, which ensures that anyone desiring to come knows exactly what they have to live up to.  The requirements are basically that they love to fish and are willing to serve fellow members - in other words do their part to make a trip successful.  All new members are on double secret probation when they start their first day in camp.  Members look for them to model the ideals and virtues of  membership and then nominate them to come off probation the next evening after dinner during that daily meeting.   Application for Team Membership

Taylor's Cove, Ontario - 2002

Evergreen Lodge, Ontario - 2012