Fishing Tools

Keep your fishing tools close at hand so that when needed you won't have to look for them. Three holders are commonly used: one fits on your belt, one on the side of your boat and still another that can be attached to your boat seat. The most common tools used are:
  • Long Nose Pliers and Forceps
  • Wire Cutters
  • Line Cutters or Scissors
  • Hook Remover
  • Fishing Tool Holders

Long Nose Pliers - Forceps

Stainless steel long nose pliers can be used in a variety of ways:  hook straightening and removing hooks from your fish.  There may be times when you want to compress the barb on a hook (required in some catch and release situations).  Forceps have long been used in medicine for holding and/or retracting tissue.  These have been adapted into the fishing market place.

These pliers are made from stainless steel to help prevent rust which means you can expect years of usage.  Use the nose for tuning and crimping, the soft grip provides comfortable yet secure handling.  Do not store wet and occasionally apply a good lubricant.

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Wire Cutter / Hook Cutter

While common in a workshop, these are also useful on your boat.  Hooks can get stuck in clothing or even your skin.  While depressing the barb with pliers can help, there are times when the easiest, least painful way to remove the hook is to cut the hook shaft.  These sturdy wire cutters are used for this. 

Fishing Line Cutters

You will want a quick, easy and readily available way to cut your fishing line.  Some anglers will use a snipper similar to if not fingernail clippers.  These can be purchased at most fishing stores.  In addition, with braided fishing line you may need to consider using a pair of scissors designed to cut that line.  These scissors also cut monofilament line easily.  Keeping them close at hand is important.  These next items are excellent choices...

Fishing Tools - Holder

Fishing Tools - Split Ring Tool

Hook Removers

There are a variety of hook removers to choose from.  These differ from long nose pliers mostly by offering a longer reach into the throat of a fish.  Long Nose pliers are excellent to remove hooks from the lip of a fish.  A hook removing tool can be helpful to reach down to remove a hook from the throat of a fish.  You have to make a decision if you are going to release the fish, then decide if removing the hook will kill the fish - it may be better to cut the line and let the hook rust away.