Boat Electronics

Today's boat electronics help keep you safe, communicate, and find fish.  The truth is you can go fishing and not using many add on electronics.  However, the more fish you want to catch, the further you travel and the larger the water you fish - the more important fishing electronics become.  If you become dead in the water the marine radio shown below can become very important.  In addition, boat lights are mandatory if on the water before sunrise or after sunset.  Many of these topics will have their own page with links below.

Marine Radio Marine Radio

Boat Electronics - Most Common

Depth Finders

There are many features available when looking at Depth Finders . There are also many different levels of clarity to choose from. Older models do a nice job of identifying the depth or bottom of the lake, but new models offer more clarity, color, and many will combine depth reading alongside of GPS readings. Todays models offer side imaging, high definition, down imaging and also links to many of the modern trolling motors in order to travel along a shoreline at a specific depth.

Boat GPS - Marine Navigation

humminbird combo unit
Will you need a Boat GPS - Marine Navigation on your fishing outing? The bigger the water, the more you can use these in order to avoid shallow areas and hidden rocks and/or trees. You can use a hand held unit or one combined with your depth finder. Some of these units also offer detailed (one foot contour advertised) mapping of the bottoms of the most popular lakes in the US and Canada. Some modern units also offer mapping feature that actually maps the contour as you pass over the lake and saves to your memory.