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FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Vacuum Sealer - Two Walleye Fillets Ready for Freezer

Freezing your fish fillets with a vacuum package will help prevent freezer burn and allow you to enjoy fresh tasting fish for several months to come.  There are as many ways to freeze your fish as there are anglers.  The main objective is to prevent freezer burn and the number one way to do this is to remove all the air from the frozen package. 

Rule of Thumb...

Be sure to know how many fish you have in your freezer. Do not keep more fish than you will plan to eat in the next 6 months or so. Practice catch and release and only keep to freeze enough fish for your next 3-4 months.

Simple Freezer Bag and Water

The easiest method is to place your cleaned fillet into a freezer bag with water, and carefully press to remove as much air as possible.  Then when sealed lay the freezer bag flat on a shelf of the freezer.  Simple and effective - sometimes the fillet will end up on the surface of the water and be exposed to air left in the bag which can lead to freezer burn.  This method will add additional time in the thawing process as you will have to thaw the water as well as the fillet before cooking.

Simple Vacuum Bag Sealer

FoodSaver Vacuum SealerFoodSaver Vacuum Sealer
Anglers prefer to use a vacuum sealer for several reasons:
  • Reduces chance for freezer burn
  • Reduces amount of thaw time before cooking
  • Reduces the amount of space needed in the freezer for fish fillets
Canadian Walleye Shrink Wrapped Shrink Wrapped Canadian Walleye
This take home Canadian Walleye still has a patch of skin on it which is required so that if an inspection is needed, each fish brought home can be identified.

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The FoodSaver sealer shown above is a starter kit that includes one roll to make your own bags, 3 quart size bags and 2 gallon sized bags. You can purchase the sealer bag material in rolls or several pre cut sizes. Using sealer bag rolls can be more flexible - cutting the bag to match the exact size needed.   Fillets can be kept for st least 6 months in frozen condition,  Although usually they will not have last that long because you will likely eat them.   As you can see above your fillet package stores flat and takes up minimal space.

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