Fish Cleaning Tables

Fish cleaning tables, typically found as part of marina fish cleaning stations, are a welcome site at the end of a great day of fishing on many lakes and reservoirs.  The beauty of these tables is they place a surface for cleaning your fish at a height that lets you complete the task without bending over.  You often will find electricity and running water to make your task easier.  These tables provide a firm surface on which is placed a fillet board.  This surface height makes it comfortable, quicker, safer and easier.  

Also available are optional tables that allow you to have these same advantages at home, at your dock or even on your boat.   Ask yourself these questions to help determine what you may look for:  Where do you normally clean your fish?  Where would you actually prefer to clean your?  Would a portable option be appealing?  Do you own a dock or slip, and would you like a cleaning table mounted along side where you store your boat?  Explore these options and more on this page.

Portable Fish Cleaning Tables

This portable fish cleaning table would be an excellent addition to your dockside.  It unfolds to 33 inches high and just short of 2 feet deep by 4 feet long.  The faucet is stainless steel and connects to a standard garden hose.  The drain hose is flexible and can be drained into a bucket, floor drain or into the lake.  Folding legs allow you to collapse the table to less than 3 inches high.  Click on these links and read more about it.

Fish Cleaning Stations

Fish Cleaning Stations may be the most convenient way to clean your fish. Your favorite lake may or may not have a marina with a fish cleaning station. Below is a picture from one of PFT's favorite fishing holes and one of the fish cleaning stations at Truman State Park Marina. To read more about Fish Cleaning Stations click on the following Link: Fish Cleaning Stations

fish cleaning station Truman State Park Marina Fish Cleaning Station

Most have running water, electrical outlets for an electric fillet knife, are right on the lake so you can dispose of your fish parts right into the lake, and will have several wooden fillet boards.  The slope of these cleaning stations generally tilts away from the angler and towards the lake.  When using the running water to rinse the table, this tilt aids in parts and entrails flowing away from you,into the lake and not onto your shoes.

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