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Taking a Canada Fishing Trip is amazing  These trips certainly offer adventure, provide a time for bonding with friends or family and build memories packed full of surprises.  With  ample opportunities to view all sorts of wildlife in their natural environment - what are you waiting for!

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Ontario - More Lakes and Water

Of all the Canadian Provinces, Ontario, located north of Minnesota and Michigan, has the highest percentage of its territory that is covered by rivers and lakes:  approximately 250,000 lakes cover close to 20% of the province.  The percent water coverage for the remainder of Canadian provinces averages closer to 8%.

These bodies of water play a critical role for each province's economy and their ability to maintain normal lifestyles for its citizens.  Water is used for all sorts of production, services, and recreation, plus for farm irrigation and of course - drinking. Don't forget the abundant water in Canada provides a source of food - fish - for everyone.  This form of recreation also provides revenue - as many anglers from North America and around the world come to take in the experience - buying licenses, food, fuel, lodging and bait.

Ontario Fishing Trip Sunset Canada Sunset

Walleye Fishing Trips

What is the big draw to take a Canada Fishing Trip? Many people will state one word: WALLEYE! (Click this link to read more about Walleye) These fish are found abundantly and provide a wonderful shore lunch or dinner. While there are some lakes in the US that stock and advertise Walleye, they occur naturally in Canadian waters. While chasing these abundant walleye, in many of the lakes you will also find Northern Pike, Perch, Musky, and even Smallmouth Bass or crappie. Click the link above and see reports from the various lodges from the Canada Fishing Trips that our staff have taken. The following link takes you to information regarding three fishing camps we here at are very familiar with: Taylors Cove, Ontario; Little Canada Camp, Ear Falls Ontario; and Evergreen Lodge, Ear Falls Ontario; Walleye Fishing Trips
Canada Fishing Trip Walleye Canada Walleye
Canada Fishing Trip Dusk Walleye Canada Walleye at Dusk

Pristine Landscapes

 Don't forget the quietness of nature all around you, stars at night, sunsets, opportunity to see the northern lights, abundance of wildlife, and overall cleanliness and clarity of the water.

The shoreline landscape encountered on Canada Fishing Trips is pristine, and not lined with homes.  On many lakes in Canada you may see an occasional fishing/hunting lodge but no houses, towns or subdivisions.  Additionally, there are many options using a fly-in to a remote lake where you won't see any other houses or cabins other than the one you stay in, and you likely won't see another angler other than from your group for the week or two you are there.

Canada Fishing Trip Nature Canada Nature
Canada Fishing Trip Moth Canada Moth
Canada Fishing Trip Bald Eagle Canada Bald Eagle

Planning Your Canada Fishing Trip

Are You Ready to Go? We at PFT have made our Canada fishing trip annually since 1999. Group members have changed but all who have gone stay in touch with each other and share pictures and adventures from the latest trip.  Here are key components for planning your trip:

  1. Budget for Trip
  2. Selecting your fishing camp/lodge
  3. Which Fishing License
  4. Future Plans - Going Back?

Canada Trip Budget

Which comes first - selecting your budget or selecting your location?  They go hand in hand.   We have found that the main factor in budget is whether you want to do a fly in trip or are planning to drive to a location.  The second factor that determines how much you will spend is whether you select a lodge that offers what is referred to as an "American Plan" - usually meaning that meals are prepared for you, or will you be organized enough - and will your group members be willing to prepare all your own meals.  Of course the third factor will be how long you choose to make your trip - most lodges have a minimum stay at least in the peak season which may be a full week.  A ball park figure for drive to lodges and a one week trip is in the range of $1200 to $1500 including gas, lodging, food and beverages.  Fly-In Trips are higher but may offer a unique once in a life time experience.  Don't forget to ask about a guide, especially if this is your first experience on new body of water.

When cooking your own meals it is helpful to have a set menu for the week. Develop a way to manage expenses/receipts that will be shared by all. One method is shared with you in the following workbook: Trip Expense Planner an expense sheet that allows our accountant to enter these expenses/receipts from any member, add the lodge expenses, and total up what is owed by whom at the end. We have even built in a credit to the owners of cars driven - about $150 - a thank you for using their cars. Most food and beverages are purchased in Canada. We do bring steaks to serve on our surf and turf night, seen in the picture below.
Canada Fishing Trip Surf Turf Night Omaha Steak and Walleye Night

Selecting Canada Fishing Trip Lodge

Many resources exist for you to determine a great location for taking a Canada Fishing Trip.  Certainly, a common one used is to find a friend who has had a good experience at a fishing lodge, research that lodge then book a trip.  Another option if you don't know anyone personally who has been to Canada fishing is to visit with associates at any store that specializes in fishing supplies and equipment, as many of these folks are avid anglers - some of whom have likely visited Canada.  They are more than willing to talk fishing and share with you the location of their latest adventure.  The web offers another resource for your review and by clicking one of the following links you will find hundreds of lodges across not just Ontario but all of Canada.  

Fishing Ontario - Lodges or All Canada Fishing.
Canada Fishing Trip LodgesAABF Taste Tester
Lodge GuestLodge Surprise Guest

Other Amenities

  1. Bedrooms, beds?
  2. Common area?
  3. Tables, Chairs?
  4. Stove, oven?
  5. Refrigerator(s)?
  6. Freezer space?
  7. Available Ice?
  8. Bathroom (s)
  9. Showers?
  10. Bedding, towels?
  11. Fish House?
The three lodges the AABF association is most familiar on a Canada Fishing Trip are:
  1. Taylors Cove - on Rainy Lake just outside of Fort Francis, Ontario
  2. Little Canada Camp - on the English River near Ear Falls, Ontario
  3. Evergreen Lodge - on the Northern part of Lac Seul, near Ear Falls, Ontario
Pictures and more about each of these lodges can be seen on Walleye Fishing Trips page

Choosing your License

Click on the following links to read more about securing your Ontario, or other fishing license. Fishing License - Ontario. The following link will give specific information regarding other provinces throughout Canada: Canada Fishing License Information

Future Plans

Your current Canada Fishing Trip is now over. All had a good time - several want to come back, some say they enjoyed the trip, glad they made it, but just can't see doing this every year. Things to ponder:

  1. Annual Event
  2. Core Group
  3. Group Name
  4. Association?
  5. Officers?
  6. Meetings
If your initial group is typical, several will want to consider making this an annual event, at least come back next year. If you like your location/lodge you should book next years trip before you leave, making it the same week if this works out for your time off. Identify your core group and put your deposit down - this gets commitment from all involved that they are in for the next year. Many groups will add one extra deposit, if there is room - an extra bed, room in boats, and room in cars, etc. for the ride to and from.


At least some of the fun of going on these fishing trips is the planning and anticipation. As a result, the first year our group began going to Canada, we founded the AABF (Always Anticipate Big Fish) So the name is a bit odd, but we have had a lot of fun with it. We schedule meetings for planning and roughly follow Roberts Rules. Of course, the Chairman runs the meeting, loosely. Some call our Chairman a "benevolent dictator". If the group gets unruly, then the Chairman simply moves on. We have given titles to all who have gone, we have a membership application, we give out sanctions against folks who don't attend, and a lot more. Please click on the following link to read more about this fun. AABF Page. Schedule a nightly meeting after supper to review what happened today, where and how many fish were caught, and where might be the best plan for tomorrow. Consider scheduling a fall meeting to bring together members around a fish fry. Spring meetings are fun as well, since you are really anticipating the upcoming trip.


No matter where you fish,


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