Types of Fishing Reels

There are several different types of fishing reels, including spin casting reels, spinning reels, bait casting reels and line counter reels. There is no single reel that is best for all circumstances or age groups.  Following will be a brief description of the most common freshwater fishing reels - some will be discussed in more detail on a separate attached page: 

Most young anglers will learn to fish using a cane pole with string attached to the end.  Of all the types of fishing reels yound anglers will often learn to case with a push button Spincasting reel like the Johnson Century shown below.  If they grow in the sport of fishing in general the spinning reel comes next followed by a bait caster for trolling and eventually for casting.  The basic differences of these will be covered on this page.  The first five have a page of their own:

Types of Fishing Reels
Spin Casting Reels

Spincasting reels work similar to a spinning reel but are closed face and have a push button release.  Because of this simplicity they are often the first fishing reel for beginning anglers.  Generally, these reels have less to go wrong with them than their open faced cousins. Spin Casting Reels - this link provides a brief summary of spincasting reels.  The Johnson reel above was a first reel for us at PFT.  The current Johnson Century models include the B and the BG with 3 and 5 ball bearing drives respectively.  These reels are reasonably priced and are very strong.  They are made to last if you are looking for a simple to use reliable reel this is the one.  Click on the picture below and pick one up today.

Johnson Century Spincast Reel (100-Yard/8-Pound)

Another great line of spincast reels are made by Abu Garcia - the Abumatic.  and explore all Abumatic reels that are available.

Types of Fishing Reels
Spinning Reels

These two Spirex 4000 are over 15 yrs old and have caught many walleye and northern pike.  Spin Cast Reels and Spinning Reels are types of fishing reels that have spools that are fixed with a mechanical device that winds the line onto this fixed spool.  Spin Cast Reels have a cover over the fixed spool and uses a push button to release the pins that hold the line for casting.  The line on a Spinning Reel is exposed and uses a mechanical bale to catch and wind the line.  Shimano makes precision driven dependable reels.  Click on Shimano Spinning Reels and read about all of Shimano levels of reels.  Click on the New Spirex below and order one for youself:

Abu Garcia Spinning Reels

Abu makes several great spinning reels - click on Abu Garcia Spinning Reels and check out the details of these fine reels.  Shown below is an example of their craftsman ship with the Orra:

Abu Garcia ORRA2INS30 Orra Inshore Spinning Reel

Types of Fishing Reels
Bait Casting Reels

Both Bait Casting Reels and Line Counter Reels are types of fishing reels that use a rotating or revolving spool to wind the fishing line.  You may have guessed the biggest difference between these two basic types is that the line counter is manufactured right onto the reel.  The next difference between baitcasters is in the number of ball bearings for smoothness and then the power ratio of the crank.  There are a great number of other features as well to consider including breaks, type of material the body is made of and more.  A great baitcasting reel that is reasonbly priced, strong and smooth is the Shimano Caenan that features 6 ball bearings.  Click on the picture below and consider trying one for your self.

Abu Garcia Bait Casting Reels

Abu Garcia bait casters are excellent additions to your equipment.  Test one out at your favorite sports store or click on the links above and order one today.

Salt Water Fishing Reels

Salt Water Fishing Reels differ from freshwater fishing reels in two primary ways - they are generally bigger reels to hold heavier line and more line, and also have parts that are resistant to salt - usually meaning that they will have more stainless steel used when metal is needed.  They are also available in bait casting models used most often for trolling in salt water, and in spinning models commonly used to cast when surf fishing or casting for big red fish.  Many models are approved for saltwater and can be used for both, just be sure to read the fine print.

Antique Fishing Reels

Antique fishing reels certainly have nostalgic value and some even have monetary value.  There are several web-sites that can give you more information about your reels that may be antique.  One of the best goes by that name.  If you want to learn more about antique reels, learn if a reel you own has any value, or learn what makes an antique reel valuable then this is one site you need to explore.  Enjoy...


Used / Antique Fishing Reels

What should you do with your old and used fishing reels?  Clean them, lubricate them, keep them dry and they should last you a long time.  If plastic parts wear often you can find replacement parts on line or through your local sports store.  Antique fishing reels have nostalgic value and some even have monetary value.  There are several web-sites that can give you more information about your reels that may be antique.