Taylors Cove

Taylors Cove Resort Ontario is located about a 35 minute drive east of Fort Frances on beautiful Rainy Lake.  Owned by Ed Taylor for many years, Ed is continually upgrading, remodeling and adding new cabins.  Staying at Taylor's Cove is like staying at home - lodges are clean, updated, with full kitchens, full bath, refrigerators and stoves.  Ed makes every guest feel welcome!  PFT files this report on Taylor's Cove after nearly 10 years fishing Rainy Lake and staying with Ed Taylor at his fishing resort.  We do not book for Ed, when interested and for available dates please contact Ed directly at the address/phone listed below.

Taylor's Cove (Bears Pass) Ltd Gd
Fort Frances, ON P9A 3M5, Canada
Phone: (807) 481-2526

From the time you pull into camp till you leave, you will be blessed with views that take your breath away.  Seen across this lagoon from a cabin deck is the Resort Office, plus ample dock space for your own boat or camp rental boat.  

Taylor's Cove Lagoon Taylor's Cove Lagoon

Ed has gas on premises, and offers some grocery staples.  For your convenience you are only a few minute drive to the Big Bear convenience store - for bait, groceries and a nice selection of lures. 

Taylors Cove owner Ed Taylor Taylors Cove Resort Owner Ed

This picture shows Ed on the left with his wife along with Tom (a founding member of the AABF) along with his wife.  Taken several years ago, Ed's wife has passed away.  You will enjoy your stay at Taylor's Cove Resort.

Taylor's Cove Kitchen Taylors Cove Kitchen

The kitchen and living areas in each cabin are large and inviting.  Here you see breakfast being prepared and below a group gathered for a fine feast. 

Taylor's Cove Lagoon Taylor's Cove Dining

Location of Taylors Cove

Taylor's Cove Bear Pass Bridge at Bears Passage

As seen on Google Earth, Bears Passage flows between Swell Bay on the south, and RedGut Bay to the north.   The bridge above is HiWay 11 that passes acrross Bears Passage and is visible from Taylor's Cove Camp.   Drive or fly to International Falls, MN and cross the border to Canada there into Fort Frances.   Follow HiWay 11 east out of Fort Frances for about 35 minutes.  You pass by the HiWay that goes north to Dryden and then travel just a few more minutes.  Just before you pass over the bridge of Bear Passage you will see Ed's sign:  Taylors Cove, with a fish on it.  Turn left and follow the narrow lane for about 1/2 mile and you are there.  Shown on the map below with a yellow thumb tack.

Taylor's Cove Directions Taylor's Cove Directions
Taylors Cove Dock Taylor's Cove Dock

There is plenty of dock space for your own boat or for a rental boat.  PFT first trip to Taylor's Cove was in 1999, and the AABF was begun!  The members of this trip were fathers, sons, and in laws.  There was an 80 year old dad, his son, and his son!  They also had with them a future brother - in - law to the youngest son.  There were two more fathers with their sons, and a father in law to one of the sons. What a grand time was had, creating memories that are still talked about to this day.

Taylors Cove Team AABF 1999 Taylor's Cove Team AABF 1999

 Note the  boat on the left of this picture.  Ed loved this boat!  A 1970 fiberglass, inboard motor with a jet drive, it never passed a gas tank it did not love.  With a 455 cubic inch oldsmobile engine, it made quite the "rumble" whenever it started up.  Ed put 20 gallons in the tank every morning.  Click on this link to read more about Team AABF.


Rainy Lake Walleye

Enjoy many more pictures of Rainy Lake Walleye on our page: Walleye Pictures. The majority of those shown were caught over the 10 years we made a trip to Taylors Cove. It was these walleye that created a lot of memories, tasty shore lunches - and developed the joy and anticipation of taking an annual Walleye Fishing Trip

28 Inch Rainy Lake Walleye 28" Rainy Lake Walleye Taylors Cove Walleye Rainy Lake Walleye
Taylors Cove Walleye Rainy Lake Walleye

Rainy Lake Northern Pike

Taylor's Cove Pike Rainy Lake Northern Pike
Taylors Cove Pike Rainy Lake Northern Pike
It seems at least one fish like this is caught on each trip to Rainy Lake. Not guaranteed, but Rainy Lake has many large pike. Close encounters are common as well where either pike or muskie will T-Bone a fish you are reeling in.

How to Catch SmallMouth Bass

Explore a great page on this website: How to Catch Smallmouth Bass Pictures on this page were taken during our stay at Taylors Cove. Here is one such picture picture for an appetizer -
Taylor's Cove Smallmouth Rainy Lake SmallMouth
You won't find a more accommodating Lodge or Resort. Located just across the border into Canada on Rainy Lake - give Ed a call and find out if he has an opening for you or your group this year or next, you won't be sorry. If you like what you have seen here then give:

Give Ed A Phone Call

Taylor's Cove (Bears Pass) Ltd Gd
Fort Frances, ON P9A 3M5, Canada
Phone: (807) 481-2526

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