Cane Fishing Pole

A cane fishing pole is a great first fishing pole because it is easy to learn how to fish.  Not just easy but also inexpensive to get started. All you need is a cane pole, dig some worms in your yard, some line, a couple hooks and a bobber.  Then head to a local lake or pond and catch blue gills all day long.   Rather than having to learn how to cast, your fishing consists of simply raising and lowering of the rod tip and gently swinging the bait over the water like a pendulum.   When the bait is over the location you want to try to fish you lower the tip and let the bait go into the water.  

Cane Fishing Pole

Simple Cane Fishing Pole Cane Fishing Pole

Ready to go fishing?  All you need is a cane fishing pole - from your local farm store or fishing department, some fishing line about twice as long as your pole, a small weight, a bobber and a hook.  Of course you will need bait - many parents will teach their children to dig their own worms from their backyard or find your way to your local fishing store.  You can also use a cricket, grub worms, almost anything that looks appetizing to the fish.  Here is an example of what you might catch.

Bobber and Catch Bobber and Catch

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Fishing Bobber

Bobbers, Slip Bobber Spring Bobber, Slip Bobbers

A fishing bobber can be attached above the weight which serves two purposes. First you can adjust the bobber to a specific distance from the hook which will determine how far down below the surface of the water the bait will float or appear to be swimming.   You typically want to be close to the bottom but not so deep that the bait lies on the bottom.   The bobber also allows you to see when a fish hits your bait - the bobber will "bob"  causing ripples in the water.  The fishing line passes through the center of a slip bobber while the fishing line passes under the spring of the spring bobber as shown below.  If your bobber is not bobbing and appears to not be standing up, your bait may be laying on the bottom and the fish won't see your bait!

Terminal Tackle - Sinkers/Hooks

Bobber, Weight, Hook Bobber, Weight, Hook

Simple supplies and simple to use, the cane fishing pole allows you to fish successfully as an adult or a child with minimal expense.  All three of these pieces of tackle are inexpensive and can be purchased even at discount stores with a sporting goods section.  The following picture shows the proper positioning of these three items.  The only decision you have to make is which bait you are going to use, and how far from the weight you will slide the bobber.   This is best done by estimating how deep the water is at approximately the distance from where you are fishing to the end of your pole.  Then slide the bobber up the line away from your weight approximately 6 inches short of that estimated depth.  You want your bobber to be standing up indicating that your bait and weight are not resting on the bottom.  When properly placed the bobber will be standing up as in the picture below.  Of course, when you have a bite the bobber will begin to "BOB" as in this picture below.

Bobber, Weight, Hook Bobber, Weight, Hook in Place

Bobber In Action

When properly placed the bobber will be standing up as in the picture below.  Of course, when you have a bite the bobber will begin to "BOB" as in the picture below.

Fishing Bobber Fishing Bobber Showing a Bite

Historical Cane Poles

Cane poles have been used for many years.  You can find cane fishing poles at different types of stores including sporting goods stores, discount stores, and even hardware or farm stores.  Most cane poles are inexpensive in the $10-15 dollar range.  You can even find them packaged with everything you need to go fishing including fishing hook, line and sinker or weight.  Just add your bait.  Here is a 100 year old historical advertisement for cane and bamboo poles from the Virginia-Carolina Hardware Co

Cane Pole Advertisement Cane Fishing Pole Advertisement