Professional Vacuum Sealers - Mid Level

Professional vacuum sealers will provide the best long term storage capacity of frozen fish, game, meats, produce and leftovers for home use by providing high levels of vacuum power, more consistent sealing which means that you will find fewer shrink wrapped packages with broken seals in your freezer.  They are priced at a level which make them great choices for home use.

Professional Vacuum Sealers - Mid Level

The biggest positive for these professional vacuum sealers is the power of the vacuum they provide.  Nearly all of these deliver 27" HG or above which means that you will get the maximum storage life in the freezer.  These units also are going to give you more sealing cycles before getting hot.  They won't be as good as the commercial models, but for the avid outdoor person who produces fish and game in all seasons these are worth a look.  The biggest negatives here are price as they will generally be $300 and up.  Most of these have available replacement seals and even sealing bars when ordered from the manufacturer.

Weston Pro 2100/2300 Vacuum Sealers

Weston 65-0101 Pro-2100 Vacuum Sealer, White

These nearly commercial grade professional vacuum sealers come with an extra large bar for sealing bags up to 15 inches wide.  Weston  has packed a double piston pump inside which delivers 28" HG of vacuum strength along with 935 watts of power.  Using a one touch auto mode allows you to vacuum seal in one step easy motion.  The units LED lit monitor allows you to keep track of each stage of the sealing process.  It has a fan cooled motor and see thru lid which allows for even durability and convenience.  The stainless steel model is heavier and is easy to keep clean.

Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer, Silver

The Weston Pro - 2300 is one of the Professional Vacuum Sealers you should take a look at.  This Weston Sealer features a "double piston pump" that delivers 28" HG vacuum and 715 watts of power.  This strong motor when combined with a sealer bar that is 15 inches wide means you can package virtually any size bag and know you will have a high powered unit.  The controls include LED lights to update the status of the sealing process.  The vacuum process can be automatic or you can control the process with a manual setting.  Also included is a fan to help cool the motor and prevent overheating.  This Weston Pro product comes with a One Year Mfr Warranty.  As power and capacity get larger so does the weight and footprint.  This unit is nearly 24 inches wide and weights in at just over 26 pounds.  

Sealer Bags

Six 11" X 50' Rolls of Universal Vacuum Sealer Bags - embossed, 3 mil

Entry Level, Industrial Level Sealers

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    Deciding on which level of sealer you might need depends on how many bags of product you want to seal at a time.  If you will have more than a handful of items to seal several times a month then these units make sense.  There will come a time when investing in one of these nearly commercial grade professional vacuum sealers will save you time, save you from losing food in the freezer from broken seals, and provide you with the ultimate in satisfaction by knowing your hard sought after fish or game is safe in your freezer for future enjoyment.