Boat Trailer Jacks

Boat Trailer Jacks are very essential pieces of equipment every time you hitch up your boat and trailer to your tow vehicle.  Always be sure to check the grease level so that the gears won't break on you.  A broken trailer tongue jack may prevent you from hooking up your trailer and delaying your fishing outing.  A few minutes spent servicing your boat trailer jack may just save a fishing trip.

Marine Boat Trailer Jacks

MazzHaul offers a wide range of Boat Trailer Jacks which meet virtually all your marine needs including 800 lb to over 1500 lb capacity.  These heavy-duty jacks will keep your boat trailer held securely.  Each has a swiveling wheel, bolt-on hardware for easy installation, and a heavy-duty pull pin for peace of mind. Finished with a corrosion-resistant zinc finish. Click on the link above and see all the models and sizes to choose from. 

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Trailer Power Jacks

Trailer Power Jacks take the work out of hooking up and parking your boat and trailer.  These often feature  3000 or 4500 - lb. lifting capacity.  Stop burning out your arms, hands and lower back with those hard-to-use, crank-style jacks and treat your self like a VIP today. This Power Jack has everything you need for easy hook up and  Hands Free trailer lifting.  Has an up / down switch to control lifting direction. 

Trailer Jack Wheel Stop

Protect your driveway and garage floor while keeping your boat trailer from moving around with this handy wheel stop. 6-1/4" black plastic, UV-protecting ring. Use with most boats and personal watercraft trailers and more.  Check the combo below, a very useful combination.

Jack For Flat Tire

This combo is an excellent choice to tuck away in your boat or keep in your tow vehicle.  For changing a flat tire, or working on your trailer, this combo will help keep you safe while raising your trailer in the air.

12 Volt Boat Trailer Jack

This jack's low profile and super strength allows you to stand safely away from the trailer or vehicle while the jack does all the lifting automatically!  During the lifting process, you don t have to be in contact with the trailer or vehicle simply place the jack under the lift point and stand clear while it works. No more lying under the trailer while you operate the jack. The jack works on trailers/vehicles up to 2200 pounds and is powered by any 12-volt DC power source. It sports a wide base for increased stability, and lifts to a full 13" when fully extended, yet compacts down to less than 5" high. It includes a lighted up/down switch and a 7 foot cord and weighs in at pounds.  I love this jack!  If you have ever had to change a tire on a hot day, this will save you a lot of sweat and perspiration.  Click on this link and order one today.  

Other Boat Trailer Parts