Abu Garcia Spinning Reels

Abu Garcia Spinning Reels offer a wide range of features to meet any budget, and because of its trusted name for strength and durability you can purchase and use one with confidence.  Read about the three families of spinning reels - find one that fits your budget and needs.  The cardinal series packs a lot of punch for the dollar.  Revo Premier series is a top of the line spinning reel that you won't be sorry for trying.

Abu Garcia Spinning Reels: Cardinal Series

There are three models in the Cardinal Spinning Reel Series:  the 100, 300 and 400 series.  Do not be mistaken, even the 100 series reels pack many features of more expensive reels.  Check out the details below:

The Cardinal 100I is a really versatile reel, featuring smooth performance with a four ball bearing drive and including an instant anti-reverse bearing.  This means that you can handle a hard hook set.  Built with the ABU trade marked Stealth Oscillation™ system and the Everlast™ Bail System you can place in your hands a reel that will provide you years of trouble free service.  There are five different sizes of models in the 100 series.

The five ball bearings in the 300i, plus the instant anti-reverse and lightweight graphite body make this reel one to think about.  Made with the Stealth Oscillation™ system, the Everlast™ Bail System and with the four different models to choose from - you have a smooth and reliable spinning reel to meet all your angling needs.

The Cardinal® 400i Abu Garcia Spinning Reel is a smooth operator coming with 7 ball bearings.  Instant anti-reverse stops fish and sets hooks.  Add in the Stealth Oscillation™ system, the Everlast™ Bail System for durability and an extra spool, this is a great reel for the money.  Choose from one of four different models.

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Abu Garcia Spinning Reels: Orra Series

The Orra family has two basic models - the Orra S and the Orra SX.  Abu Garcia introduces into the Orra models corrosion resistant bearings, spools designed to take braided line without slipping, and their Hybrid Carbon Matrix™ drag system.  A step up in nearly every way, these are two reels that you need to think seriously about.

The Orra S Spinning Reel introduces many new features to this smooth operating reel.  6 corrosion resistant bearings plus 1 roller bearing provide a lifetime of operating smoothness.  Several trade marked features are included:  Hybrid Carbon Matrix™ drag system - makes it more reliable and adjustable;  X-Cräftic™ alloy frame;  Duragear™ brass gear brings a longer gear life;  and also providing a stainless steel main shaft and an aluminum braid ready spool.  Strong, corrosion resistant, reliable, and smooth.  What else do you need?

The Orra SX would be top of the line for many other companies.  Featuring 9 High Performance Corrosion Resistant bearings provide a remarkable feeling during your retrieves.  Keeping the Carbon Matrix™ drag system, the strong X-Cräftic™ frame, one piece gear box, Duragear™ brass gear, Everlast™ bail system, a rotor brake design to stop early bail closure - this is a great higher end reel for the angler who demands performance.  The  SX also comes with the braided line ready spool and includes a second oversized spool for monofilament line.

Abu Garcia Spinning Reels: Revo Premier

Abu makes several members to their Revo spinning reels.  The Premier is an amazing reel.  Packed with most of the trademarked Abu Garcia features the Revo Premier adds NanoShield™ technology which creates parts that are 300% Stronger than even graphite but 50% lighter than aluminum.  If you like to fish the best, check out the Revo Premier Spinning Reel.

Combine 10 High Performance Corrosion Resistant Bearings with a NanoShield™ technology built frame, and you will experience an amazing feel like no other reel even on a long day of fishing.   Slow Oscillation technology places the line onto the reel in a manner that allows for smooth release.  You haven't fished the best until you have tried a new Revo!

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