Spin Casting Reels

Spin Casting Reels are the easiest to learn to use because they are the most forgiving for anyone who is learning to cast for the first time.  All fishing reels are made to retrieve line in a manner that winds the fishing line around a cylinder called a spool.   This must be done in a very smooth method so that when cast the next time the line will flow smoothly off the reel.  Connected to this spool is a crank or handle such that when cranked or turned the line is retrieved and brings the lure, bait or hopefully your fish back to you whether you are in a boat or standing on the shore.

Spin Casting Reels

Spin Cast Reels are made with a fixed spool and mounted on the top side of your rod.  The line winding mechanism is made with one or two pickup pins that disengage by pushing a button with your thumb and engage the line pick up when the crank is turned.  To cast you press the thumb button, bring the rod tip back and as you swing the rod tip forward, time the release of the thumb button just before the rod tip reaches the end of your arm whip.   It is best to practice and learn how to do this with a rubber practice lure.  By releasing the thumb button the pick up pins disengage allowing the line to flow smoothly off the spool.  To re-engage the pick up pins you simply turn the crank or handle.  You are now ready to retrieve your fish when it strikes strike your bait or lure.  One of the most commonly used line of spin casting reels is from Abu Garcia.  Shown below is the reliable Abumatic 170.

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Spool Covers or Cones

Spin Cast Reels differ from Spinning Reels in one very visible way,  there is a cover often in the shape of a cone that covers the line spool.  This cover serves to protect the line, help prevent birds nests and line twist.  There is some friction created because the line must pass through a relatively small hole in the point of the cone or cover.   While this friction is not great, it usually means that you won't be able to cast as far with this type of reel when compared to a true spinning reel.  However, when first learning how to cast, using a reel that reduces the chance for birds nests occurring is a big advantage.   Another common spin cast reel is from Zebco.  The first is the Zebco Omega 2 Pro.  Known for its durability and to be user friendly you can't go wrong. 

Shown next it the highly advanced Zebco Bullet.  Stronger, more durable with 9 ball bearings,  and able to retrieve 29 inches of line per crank, this has become a popular reel..  When fighting fish is the game and bringing them in fast is your goal, you will want this bullet reel.

Choice of Fishing Line

Because of the smaller line spool and the pick up mechanism, most spin casting reels recommend using a smaller diameter line, usually a simple limp monofilament line such as 2-8 pound test.  In general it is not recommended to use the newer super braided lines for spin casting reels.

Anti Reverse, Adjustable Drag

Most current spin casting reels feature an anti-reverse mechanism switch as well as an adjustable drag mechanism.  Anti-reverse is important so that the line does not get fouled inside the line cover.  Having an adjustable drag mechanism so that you can pull line off the spool with a strong tug of your hand is important because this will help prevent most line breaks when you catch that big fish.  If a fish is stripping line off the spool you simply wait until they get tired then start reeling them in.