How To Cook Fish

If learning how to cook fish is not difficult, why is more fish eaten in restaurants than is cooked at home? Then why don't people eat more fish at home? Most likely they have had a past bad experience, such as: When done properly, cooking fish tastes great and can be shared with friends and family.

Friends and Family Fish Fry

Sharing a Fish Dinner with Friends

Selecting Your Fish For Dinner

Freshly caught fish properly prepared for dinner is always a favorite:  Walleye, Crappie, White Bass, Northern Pike - Does it get any better than this?  There are other types of excellent tasting fish to eat , depending on where you fish and/or live such as salmon, trout, and tilapia. When selecting fish at the market use your eyes and nose.  If it looks dry at the store it will not become moist on the way home.  If there is a real fishy smell it may mean that fillet could be old, stale, or spoiled.  Find a source for your fish with a good reputation and where you have developed trust.  Often the manager of the fish market can advise you in the best methods of how to cook the specific fish you have selected.

Eating Fish is Good for You

In general fish is low in bad fat and high in good fat - Omega 3 fatty acids - that are felt to be good for your health including cardiac health. Nearly all fish is high in protein and low in saturated fat - the bad fat. This is why you should think about learning how to cook fish at home. Click on this link and for a look at the Nutritional Value of Fish that are commonly eaten in Midwest America.

How To Cook Fish

  • Deep Frying Fish
  • Pan Frying Fish
  • Cooking and Grilling Fish
  • Oven Baked Fish
  • Broiling Fish
  • Poaching Fish

Deep Frying Fish

For many, fried fish is a favorite whether you use Lard or Deep Fry Oil . Deep Frying Fish simply means that the hot oil is of sufficient quantity so that when the fish is placed into the oil all the meat is covered by the hot oil which means your fillet will cook all the way around. Your pan to hold the oil must be sufficiently large enough to hold the right amount of oil plus the amount of meat you are adding to prevent the oil from spilling onto the grill top or into the buring gas.

Deep Frying Fish

Fish in a Deep Fryer
Shown below is the King Cooker with multiple pans. What time is dinner?
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Pan Frying Fish

Pan frying simply means that the depth of the oil does not cover all of the fish.  This means that your fish will have to be turned over so that it will be cooked on both sides.  This method of How To Cook Fish is a good option when you want the fried taste and look but do not want to mess with getting the deep fryer out or you have only 1-2 persons to serve.

Cooking and Grilling Fish

We all are used to grilling steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, chops, and more. Cooking and Grilling Fish is another great option that leaves a great tasting meal.  Certain types of fish that are real flaky will need to be grilled with caution to prevent the fillet from coming apart and falling down into the coals, or burner. 

Oven Baked Fish

When thinking about how to cook fish, don't overlook Baking Fish.  Baking offers a great option for preparing your fish in your oven.  Baking uses indirect heat almost like cooking from all around.  Because you normally will be using a dish or bowl to bake your fish in, this is a good choice to cook the fish in a variety of wonderful sauces.  Walleye Allyson uses lots of cheese and butter and is to die for - on display below!

Broiling or Poaching Fish

Broiling uses more direct heat like grilling.  The heat usually comes from above and is a great option if you are not able to cook your fish on the grill outdoors.  Another option is to use the poaching process.  We think of poached eggs using water or steam.  You can compare poaching fish to frying fish only that you use a non-oily liquid to do it.  Poaching process does not use as high of a temperature as in the frying process.   Also the broth or cooking medium is more a water based liquid similar to soup, sometimes with wine added.

How to Cook Fish - Best Way?

The PFT consenus answer to this question is simple, it does not matter - get your self some fresh fish and get after it!