Fish Cleaning Stations

Fish Cleaning Stations are showing up at more and more lakes, reservoirs, and marinas. Fillet Stations generally consist of one or more fillet tables, running water, electrical outlets and fillet boards. They are often made of stainless steel - or covered with HDPE sheating, have drains that dispose of excess water and fish parts either back into the lake or through a garbage grinding disposal. On a Fishing Tips website you would expect to hear about these as they relate to the filleting of fish. However, there is another perhaps even more interesting and even entertaining meaning of this term: that being a place where fish can go and get a cleaning similar to a car wash. Click here - Fish Car Wash - to read about this, see a picture, and learn of a link where you can read research about this natural phenomenon.

Fish Cleaning Stations - Truman Lake

Truman Lake Cleaning Stations Truman Lake Cleaning Stations
Truman Lake in Central Missouri is wonderful place to fish. Miles and miles of reservoir fed by three large rivers - Pomme De Terre, Osage and Grand River. Truman Lake offers a wide variety of shorelines some with flooded trees, bluffs, rocks, structure, points, and bays. In addition, located around the lake are a host of marinas most of which offer fish cleaning stations. Shown above are the cleaning stations at State Park Marina just north of the Truman Dam.

Little Canada Camp Cleaning Station

While some fillet stations are in the open air, in many fishing camps, you will find them in a screened in enclosure.  These are really nice for evening cleanings, or where mosquitos are sometimes known as aircraft looking for a place to land.  Such is the case if you fish the English River and stay at Little Canada Camp near Ear Falls Ontario.  Shown below are two shots from inside their fillet station.  Clean, convenient, running water and electric outlets.  Also located in this station is a freezer for added convenience. 

Fish Cleaning Stations
Fish Cleaning Stations

Shown here is the Little Canada Camp fish cleaning house along with a fine catch of Walleye and Northern Pike from the English River.

Read more about Little Canada Camp and Evergreen Lodge both located near Ear Falls, Ontario at the following Link: Walleye Fishing Trips near Ear Falls Ontario.

Evergreen Fish Cleaning Station

 Located on beautiful Lac Seul in central Ontario is Evergreen Lodge.  Great accommodations, nice boats, and super service.  Plus another really nice fish cleaning station.  Shown below is a days catch from several anglers plus the picture on the right is of a very important member of a fishing party - "Fish Cleaning Station Supervisor!"  This persons importance is second only to the Fish Frying Supervisor who's job is to taste the finished fish.

Fish Cleaning Stations
Fish Cleaning Stations

Fish Cleaning Station-Car Wash?

Well, if you were a fish, you might want to avoid the cleaning stations mentioned above.  However, many of our water inhabitant friends, especially those that live in the oceans, make their way to their own version of a cleaning station - like a car wash.  In fact they go there when they want to have a cleaning, not cut into fillets for eating.  Sharks, rays, grouper and many others perform what appears to be a ritual where they go to underwater reefs, such as the Great Barrier Reef, and move into an almost trance like position and dwellers of the reef appear and begin to clean off unwanted pests and even damaged skin.  They can stay in this position from a few minutes to sometimes hours.  The smaller cleaning creatures like this cleaner shrimp seem to know that the larger fish are not there for feeding, rather they know when it is time for a cleaning.  

Fish Cleaning Stations Grouper Grouper With a Cleaner Shrimp
Click on this great link and read more about this little known fact about our underwater friends. Recent research into Fish Cleaning Stations in our oceans.

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