Perhaps the best known spincast reel is the ABU matic.  Abu Garcia introduced this family of reels in 1956.  What a great name - short, concise, and tells you all you need to know about the reel.  It is known for its simplicity, precision, ease of use and reliability.  Whether you are new to fishing or an experienced angler looking for optimizing your time while casting, the ABU Matic® reels on this page offer you that chance.  The easy to use push button and the enclosed spool produce a worry free fishing experience virtually void of back lashes.

ABU Matic® Family

This spincast family of reels come pre spooled with line, and feature a machined aluminum nose cone with a titanium nitride line guide.  Their duragear drive system is strong and reliable coupled with the dual rotating swing-arm pick up pins means effortless casting and retrieving all day long with minimal risk of a back lash.  The ultra smooth drag system and instant anti-reverse mean you won't be apt to loose that big one.  Visit the chart below and check their pictures to see differences in line capacity, number of ball bearings, and retrieval ratio.

The Classic 170

The Abu Garcia 170 ABU Matic® reel features 4 ball bearings built to hold 140 yards of 14 pound test Trilene XL line.  This makes the Abumatic 170 a workhorse spincast reel.  Whether a novice or experience angler this is a great value for the money and will deliver years of great service.  The 170i also features a Carbon Matrix SYNCRO drag system,  the oscillating far cast spool and a no-twist line system which all means that you can make professional type of casts without worrying about line twist and knots that can occur  when fishing hard all day long.  Bring in those trophy fish with the 3.9:1 gear ratio.  The 170i is also rated for fresh water or salt water - Are you kidding?  This is a great deal.

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The Abumatic S Spincast

The ABU Matic S is a great first reel for the beginner.  Its low price means you can begin to cast just like a pro.  Two ball bearings, the duragear and the drag system mean that you get features of many more expensive reels.  If you have a youngster starting out or must outfit your grand children, these reels are a great value.

The SX Spincast Reel

The ABU Matic SX features the S-Matic casting design, and quadcam pickup system for fast line pickup.  Also you get a 3 ball bearing system which means smooth return.  In addition you get an ultra smooth drag system.  And you get it pre spooled with Berkley Trilene XL line.  A great value.

The STX Spincast Reel

The ABU Matic STX spincast reel rises to the next level.  Snubberless casting system means that casting efficiency and line wear are reduced.  4 ball bearings means that rewind is smooth.  Add in an aluminum frame and Cone round out the list of features of the stx's modern design.  Plus it comes pre-spooled with Berkley Trilene XL monofilament line.