Fishing Boat Accessories

Choose the fishing boat accessories that best fit your needs so that you will have a  more  productive and safe fishing outing.  You will also be prepared for many common repairs.  Following is a list of topics that will be reviewed:

Common Fishing Boat Accessories

Fishing Tools

Most anglers have 3-4 hand Fishing Tools readily available within reach when they catch a fish. The common needs for these tools are a way to cut fishing line, remove hooks from a fish's mouth, and a sturdy wire cutter that is able to cut a hook shank. Click on this link to explore options available including hook removers: Fishing Tools
fishing tools Fishing Tools
These are important fishing boat accessories.
Rapala Magnetic Tool Holder Combo 2

This Rapala tool holder comes with the three tools you see here and is a great value that will keep these handy tools within reach when you need them most.

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Marine Tool Kit

This common Marine Tool Kit is able handle common repairs, change batteries and tighten loosened screws, so that you are able to stay on the water longer. Do not expect high end professional quality tools in these kits but for routine fixes they are a must to have stowed on board.
GreatNeck MS125 Mariner's Tool Set, 125-Piece

Fish Scales

Whether you practice catch and release or catch and keep to eat, you will want to be able to tell your family and friends what size fish you have caught. Even though over time those fish tend to grow, you will find you want to have at least a baseline measurement to that will remember your best or record catches. Click on this link to see several varieties from which to choose:
[Backlit LCD Display]Dr.meter PS01 110lb/50kg Electronic Balance Digital Fishing Postal Hanging Hook Scale with Measuring Tape, 2 AAA Batteries Included

Boat Anchor Selection

Anchor selection is not difficult, the real problem is no single anchor is best suited for all applications. The size of boat and the make up of the bottom of your body of water are the two most important factors in making your anchor selection.

Anchor Defined

Richter Anchor 5 Prong 5 Prong Richter Anchor
When used as a nautical term, anchor describes the use of a weighted device that connects a boat or vessel via a cable, line, rope or chain to the bottom or bed of a body of water. Its purpose is to prevent the boat from being moved on the surface due to wind or current. Anchors also provide safety when used during inclement weather or if you lose power to be able to secure your boat in a peaceful cove out of waves, wind and storm fury. Your anchor selection is as much for utility and convenience as it is for safety. Click onBoat Anchor Selection and review several pages about anchors.

Fish Landing Net

From minnow to quite large, short handles to lengthy, from nylon to re-inforced rubber - Fish Landing Nets are designed to help you land your prize catch, select your fresh bait and allow the fish to have minimal injuries. There are nets marketed for most types off fishing. Click on this link to think through which ones are right for you: Fish Landing Net

Fish Handling Gloves

Click on this link - Fishing Gloves - and review the many different types of gloves that can be used on fishing boats. Fish Handling gloves, kevlar gloves for cut resistance and more. Below are some great fish handling gloves.

Marine Electrical Kit

Click on this link and look at the list of items you might stock in your marine electrical kit for standard repairs of your fishing boats. This kit may salvage a fishing trip for you if you are able to repair a broken wire, loosened electrical connection, replace a burned out fuse, or when adding an additional electronic fishing boat accessory - Marine Electrical Kit. Marine Took Kits, Marine Electrical Kits and the Marine Fire Extinguisher are three critical fishing boat accessories.

Fishing Light Attractor

Underwater Fish has created portable, single and multiple light systems. Click on these links and read more about this great product. They promise the brightest and some of the most effective fishing light attractors on the market. Guaranteed, they will work with you to create your dream system. From use on a single boat to the most elaborate dock lighting systems you can imagine.

Underwater Fish Light - Single Bulb Underwater Dock Light 50ft Wire

Marine Fire Extinguisher

Two primary reasons to have an up to date fire extinguisher:  it is the law and for your safety.  Click on this link to review Marine Fire Extinguishers.

Fishing Boat Accessories - Summary

You are now ready to build your inventory of key fishing boat accessories.  All of these will help you be safer, fix routine problems, and prevent others.