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Fishing quotes capture timeless fishing truths, or sometimes half truths, and are enjoyably passed down from generation to generation, and angler to angler.   Fishing is rewarding, relaxing, challenging and provides food which is one of man's basics needs and is equalizing - which means it is not a respecter of persons.  Fishing has been noted since antiquity - including many references in the Bible.   It is amazing how a few words can capture these sentiments.  (For a chance to submit your own favorite quote click the link below.)

Hook Line and Sinker

That phrase: "hook, line and sinker" is one of the most common fishing quotes and is often the first quote that folks remember hearing.   Don't be surprised, not everyone has the same understanding or definition to what the quote "Hook Line and Sinker" actually means. 

The most common meaning refers to those times when you are fishing and the fish are so hungry that you better be careful, the fish might swallow your hook, line and sinker; they may even try to pull your rod out of your hand and into the water.  There isn't anything that gets anglers more excited than to find fish that are this hungry.

Fishing Quotes - and Superstitions

To be successful at fishing be sure to get your own lucky hat!  Of course some quotes fit more into the superstitious category.

Other Hook Line Sinker Meanings

The phrase carries a meaning outside of fishing:  referring to those times when someone buys into a concept fully and completely, usually implying that a person has fallen into believing something not necessarily true - they fell for it hook, line and sinker.  It could be a good trick, or a bad trick, it could be simply a great idea - or sometimes falling for a story that is not true.  Here is a list of other uses of this fun fishing quote:

9 different ways the phrase Hook, Line and Sinker has been and is being used;

  1. Several restaurants are named Hook, Line and Sinker
  2. Several fishing Stores named Hook, Line and Sinker
  3. At least 2 Movies have carred that name - 1930 Starring Weeler and Woolsey, and a 1969 movie starring Jerry Lewis
  4. There are transformer characters in Marvel's transformers comics named Hook, Line and Sinker
  5. Australian TV Show is named Hook, Line and Sinker
  6. There is fishing equipment by these names
  7. There is an official website using this name
  8. There is a free computer game by that name
  9. And of course there are at least two fishing quote meanings of hook, line and sinker - mentioned above.

Other Fishing Sayings

  • There are two types of fisherman - those who fish for sport and those who fish for fish. ~Author Unknown
  • There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind. ~Washington Irving
  • The gods do not deduct from man's allotted span the hours spent in fishing. ~Babylonian Proverb
  • The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad. ~A.K. Best

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"It is not who you know, it is who you go with" This is something my dad used to say frequently when one of our other family members tried to "out fish" …

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Catching fish is not hard – All you have to do is think like a Fish. Graeme Upton

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