Fishing Gloves

Wearing fishing gloves for safety, convenience and warmth:  while wearing this article of clothing may not seem very macho except for warmth, one of most common injuries in fishing is hook, knife or gill plate related.   

Common Fishing Gloves

As always, if you can think of a need you can purchase a glove specificaly marketed for use in fishing.  This picture shows the pair of common gloves used to both handle fish and while cleaning my fish.  The fingers and palm are rubber coated while the body of the glove is made from a cut and puncture resistant woven fabric.  This fabric is cut resistant and protects from both the knife blade and the fins of the fish.  The rubber coating aids in handling slippery fish. 

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  • Sun Resistant Gloves
  • Fish Handling Gloves
  • Kevlar Gloves
  • Cold Weather Gloves
  • Water Resistant Gloves
  • UV Ray Blocking Gloves

    Fish Handling Gloves

    This Lindy Glove comes in different sizes and also for right or left handed use.  It is made from HDMs flexible anti-cut SuperFabric, making these the most puncture-proof and cut-resistant filleting gloves on the market.  Should be used while unhooking fish, removing them from livewells, and while filleting your fish to prevent cuts and unwanted sticks.  Slime easily rinses away and they are machine washable. 

    UV Hand Protection

    Using sun block is always a good idea.  The more you are on the water the more you should consider buying an entires wardrobe of gear, shirts, hats and gloves that are UV blocking.  Above is an example of bloves that blocks UV from your hands.  Years from now you won't regret investing in this gear. 

    UV Protecting Shirts

    These shirts typically are light weight and moisture wicking, but most importantlly are also offer UV protection up to 50.  This example does just that, check it out: