Freshwater Fishing Basics

Freshwater Fishing Basics includes topics from basic fishing safety, and cane fishing poles, so that you can enjoy your time fishing. You can spend just a little money or as much as you would like and still have a great outing. All you really need is a long stick, a fishing hook, some fishing line and a sinker. You want a long stick that won't break when you catch your fish, so for years beginning fishers, especially children often will use a cane pole. Of course you will need something to go on the hook, but that can be easily obtained with a shovel, a can with some moist dirt and a shovel digging in your back yard for fishing worms. Some folks try their hand at growing worms themselves. Many anglers earliest memories of going fishing are with parents, a can of worms freshly dug from their back yard, and a cane pole.

As you grow in your fishing experiences, most anglers will get the urge to add to their fishing gear. Whether it is your first fishing rod or fishing reel, or 20th, how do you decide what you should buy? If you have a good supply of gear, at least once each year you need to take inventory of your gear to assess its condition. Will you need to replace the fishing line on your reels? 

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Much in the way of Freshwater Fishing Basics has been passed down to us from generation to generation - often by word of mouth from relatives, friends, or through professional fishing guides. You will also find books on fishing, fishing magazines and fishing television shows that will teach new techniques, teach about new products, and introduce you to amazing fishing holes. It has been said that words to the wise are generally not necessary, but in this case everyone should keep fishing safety at the top of mind in order to fully enjoy your outings.

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Remember, your fishing experiences should be fun and relaxing. All anglers should do all they can to pass on their experiences to others. Nowhere is this captured better than in the many fishing quotes and fishing sayings that have been passed down through the generations. The often used phrase "hook line and sinker" comes from these basic fishing traditions. You should work on building your own freshwater fishing basics and traditions.

While fishing in freshwater can be very similar to saltwater fishing, the focus of this web site will be primarily on Freshwater Fishing Basics.

Freshwater Fishing Basics

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