Ice Fishing Equipment

Ice fishing equipment covering a wide variety of uses and needs make your time on the ice more fun, enjoyable and safe.  Remember all you really need are warm clothes, something to chop or drill a hole through the ice, some fishing line and a baited hook or lure.  But, if you go ice fishing often, and want to be more productive and comfortable then take a look at some of the many options you can choose from to do just that.  In order  to get a hole in the ice - many anglers will have a power auger to get that job done.

Ice Fishing Auger Ice Fishing Auger

Augers are perhaps the most sought after pieces of Ice Fishing Equipment.

Click on the links below to read more about these pieces of Ice Fishing Equipment: Ice Fishing Augers, chippers, drills, tip ups, skimmers, and more.

Ice Fishing Tip Ups

Ice Fishing Tip Ups Ice Fishing Tip Ups

Ice Fishing Tip Ups are simple mechanical devices with a lever and trigger. Tip Ups are designed to be used when you are not holding your rod and reel in your hand. When a fish takes the bait or lure it triggers the lever to release a portion of the device that raises a flag on the end so that at a distance the angler can be advised that something is going on and the line needs to be checked. This is perfect for the angler who is fishing several different holes in the ice at the same time, or the angler who has a home overlooking the lake and likes to sit in the picture window sipping hot chocolate while they fish. (Vince N. favorite way to fish in Minnesota.)

Ice Fishing Flashers

Ice Fishing Flashers Ice Fishing Flashers

Just like on freshwater fishing boats, sonar is almost considered a necessity, so it is that ice fishing anglers are taking either flashers or sonar/flasher combinations with them onto the ice. This picture is of an electronic combination unit showing a flasher screen shot. Click on the Ice Fishing Flasher link and read about PFT's favorite portable Humminbird unit. Most of these units are sensitive enough to see the bottom, structure, the fish, and your lure.

Ice Fishing Sleds

Ice Fishing Sled Ice Fishing Sled

Sleds are not new to transporting items on snow or ice. Simple in design you can transport a little to a lot of ice fishing equipment via an Ice Fishing Sled. Even Ice Fishing Huts sometimes will have sled skids built onto them to assist in transporting them to your favorite spot. This sled resembles a dog sled but can be pulled behind a snow mobile or by a couple of people depending on how much ice fishing equipment is stacked on board. Usually for an individual to pull his own sled you will find a simple plastic skid type of sled does the trick. Click on the Ice Fishing Sled Link and see more examples of ice fishing sleds.

Ice Fishing Heaters

Little Hotties Hand Warmers Little Hottie Hand Warmers

Many anglers will you tell you that ice fishing heaters are essential parts of ice fishing equipment. These hand warmers have been used for deer hunting, skiing and fishing for years. If your hands or toes are cold, then all bets are off. What about you? Think about how long you will be outside and how cold it will be. These hand and toe warmer carbon activated heaters, butane hand heaters or propane heaters can be just the ticket for keeping your hands from freezing. Care must be taken to ensure that the heater type you select is properly vented - read all instructions thoroughly. But if you are seeking comfort then you definitely need to read further so that your stay on the ice is both warm and safe. For the deer stand or simply sitting on a 5 gallon bucket these hand and toe warmers work great. Also check out the portable hand held butane heaters - these get a bit hotter than the disposable hand and toe warmers. For a small pop up the Mr Heater Litttle Buddy or larger Buddy work great with small propane tanks.

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Mr. Heater Portable Buddy

Ice Skimmer

Celsius 3' Telescopic Ice Skimmer
Ice Skimmers are perhaps the most simple piece of ice fishing equipment, resembling a common kitchen serving spoon with holes in it. Seen in these two pictures, they come in a variety of shapes and materials. Here is one made from plastic and another of metal. They serve a critical purpose of keeping the ice from forming and clogging your drilled hole.

Ice Fishing Lights

Frabill Light Bar Ice Shelter
This Frabill light is directional and runs on double A batteries and is one of our favorites. Its small size puts out a lot of light and hangs well out of the way right next to the ceiling. For a total of 72 lumens this quad light provides light where you need it because each of the lights are individually adjustable, similar to what you find on airplanes or buses. There are many other sizes, manufacturers, lights with fans, and price points. There are even lights for your tip ups.

Ice Fishing Cooler

Perch on Ice Perch on Ice – Natures Cooler

Yes that's right, never heard of an ice fishing cooler? Why can't there be Ice Fishing Coolers? There are coolers made for every conceivable purpose under the heavens above, why not for Ice Fishing? You may choose to take a cooler with you if you are staying in a shelter that will be warm and you desire a cold beverage. However, take advantage of what God has provided to you as a natural cooler - put your fish "On Ice" as these anglers have done with their perch and pike.

Pike on Ice Pike on Ice – Natures Cooler

Ice Fishing Coolers: NOT Officially A Part Of Ice Fishing Equipment

One piece of equipment you will not have to pay for when Ice Fishing is a cooler! Look around! You are standing on your cooler! You will need a bag or box to carry your limits home.