Boat Trailer Hitch

Choose the right boat trailer hitch to ensure your boat trailer will be travel level which will result in a safer trip to the lake.  Do you need a drop in your hitch, or how about an actual rise to make this happen?  Many different styles of hitches are available to accomplish this.  How about a trailer hitch that places an additional receiver on top which really expands what you can do?

Curt MFG makes a wide range of boat trailer hitch and ball mount combinations.  Count on this Curt MFG. 2" Loaded Ball Mount Hitch with a standard drop shown below for reliable towing, wherever you roam. This picture shows a typical 2 inch drop hitch.  Made for 2 x 2" receiver tubes the hole measures 3/4". Comes with completely factory-torqued trailer ball. Pin and clip included. 

Standard Boat Trailer Hitch

Curt MFG has been building top-quality towing accessories for years and are exceptionally-strong with attractive pieces you'll love. Robotically-welded to ensure accurate, consistent cuts, and clean, strong weld lines. Features a durable double-carbide powder-coat finish to resist rust and keep your Ball Mount in top shape for years. Click on the link above and review all the hitch and ball combinations Curt offers.

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Heavy Duty Boat Trailer Hitch

Is your boat and trailer a bit larger than typical fresh water fishing boats?  This Reese Ball Hitch may be what you need.  The hole size is 1-1/4 inch  It is roughly 9 1/2 inches long with a drop of 3 inches.  This is a class V Hitch, providing up to 1400 pounds tongue weight and gross towing weight of 14000 pounds. Of course you will need a vehicle that would be rated for this as well.   Click on the link above and see it this one is right for you.

Heavy Duty Drop Ball Mount Hitch

This Heavy-Duty Ball Mount Boat Trailer Hitch features a dramatic drop.  Ideal if your tow vehicle has a high center of gravity, or larger than normal tires that puts your bumper hitch up higher than normal.  Curt MFG makes a trailer hitch for virtually all your needs.  This Curt MFG hitch is built to tow up to 10000 lbs.,with tongue weights no more than 1000 lbs. Made for 2 x 2" receiver tubes.   The Hitch Ball Hole measures 1 1/4". Click on the link above to read more.

Adjustable Tri-Ball Hitch

Do you have more than one trailer you tow that require different size balls?  Check this one out:  Select up to 3 different size balls to cover up to three different trailers.  You can count on Curt MFG to provide a great solution.  This Tri-ball Assembly  with replacement heads and adjustable shanks are build to tow up to 6000, 7500 or 10000 lbs. depending on your ball choice.  What a great idea if it fits your needs:  Click on the above link to read more or order this great hitch.

Multi Use Ball  Mount Hitch

Great innovation and utility.  This Curt MFG 2' Multi Use Ball Mount Boat Trailer Hitch allows you to tow your boat trailer but add on another device like a bike rack or additional luggage/gear carrier.  Make certain that the added weight will not overload your tongue weight.  This multi-use Ball Mount helps get more gear from here to there. Built to carry up to 7500 lbs, and a tongue weighing no more than 750 lbs and accomodates a 1' hole.  How often do you need extra room for a cooler or a platic tote? Check this one out on the link above. 

Trailer Hitch Stand and Cradle Chairs

At the end of a long day of fishing or hiking what better way to relax than to fit these chairs into your trailer hitch, kick back and discuss the events of the day. They are really comfortable.  If you like to take fishing trips and camp these offer a great way to relax before turning in.  Tailgaters?  Use your imagination!  These cradle chairs offer a free-swinging, zero-gravity feel you'll love. Made with 600 x 600-denier polyester and sturdy hardwood dowels, it's made to withstand the elements and still look good at the end of the day. Easy to set up, and a great place to relax on a lazy summer evening. Plus, the included, innovative Trailer Hitch Stand allows you to lounge anywhere you can tow a boat. The 3-piece Stand attaches to any 2" receiver in just minutes. Powder-coated finish keeps the Stand from ever corroding in years of bad weather, and is capable of holding up to 500 lbs. when the weight is distributed to each arm.  Did I say these are really comfortable!

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