Boat Trailer Accessories

With boat trailer accessories such as a trailer hitch lock, boat trailer jacks, spare tire covers, safety traction strips, back up aids, and trailer bunk carpet you can take care of most maintenance of your boat trailer and keep it safe and secure. Keeping your boat and trailer in working order is essential for safe transport to your favorite lake. These boat trailer accessories should be on your basic check list to review before travel.  

Boat Trailer Accessories List

Trailer Locks Choose from a variety of Trailer Locks: trailer hitch lock, coupler lock, and receiver lock for overnight and storage security. Click on the links below and review the Trimax brand of locks for your trailer, or you can find your boat trailer accessories at many sporting goods stores and auto parts stores. Inspect your safety chains - it is rare that they will need to be replaced, but they are available.

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Boat Trailer Jacks

Keep your main boat trailer jack clean and lubricated for long life. When you need to change a flat tire there are a number of options to raise the wheel off the ground for changing. The single most important boat trailer accessory to add initially is a hand cranked or 12 Volt Battery Powered Jack . Read more about trailer jacks at the above links.

Boat Trailer Bunks and Bunk Carpet

Check your Boat Trailer Bunks every time you launch your boat. If carpet is torn or worn to the point where your boat will rub the wood beneath, it should be replaced. Inspect what is under the carpet. If the wood beneath the carpet is split or rotten the entire bunk should be replaced. You can find replacement bunks ready to go with carpet, or you can make your own with replacement carpet.

Boat Trailer Spare Tire Cover

Protect your spare tire from travel hazards and sun exposure. Rocks, road tar, and all sorts of other debris can hit and scratch your wheel on the spare tire. Sun and UV rays can cause the rubber on your spare tire to weather and grow weak even if you never have it on the ground. While you are it and you check the air in your spare tire each time you check the air in the tires that are actually mounted on the trailer. There are plain covers and ones with logos - go plain or have some fun. Also check out the actual replacement nut lock that can be used to prevent a thief from removing your spare tire.

Boat Trailer Traction Safety Strips

Traction strips can prevent slipping when your boat trailer frame is wet. Place these in strategic areas where you find you are most likely to step on. Don't learn the hard way, apply these traction strips in strategic slippery locations.

Boat Trailer Back UP Aids

These trailer guide lights provide assistance for you when gauging the depth of your boat at launch, also for lining up and loading your boat back on the trailer at night, and clearance at night when traveling or backing into storage. Bright red/orange LEDs draw low amps for longer battery life. Change your existing guide-ons or purchase a completely new set of guides. Comes with directions and all wiring and mounting hardware.

Electric Boat Trailer Winches

Tired of hand cranking your boat onto your trailer? The Electric Trailer Winch takes the work out of this task at the push of a button. This heavy duty power winch can handle most larger boats - up to 11,000 lbs, comes with a remote control, 12 volt light, 60 amp breaker, 40 feet of 7/16' cable, pulls 8 feet per minute and weighs 36 lbs.

Trailering Mirrors

Safety is of utmost importance on your way to and from your favorite fishing spot. Many towing vehicles have extendable mirrors for trailering safety - basically that means minimizing blind spots. Nothing is scarier wanting to change lanes and failing to notice another vehicle in a blind spot. If your tow vehicle does not have trailering mirrors you should look into adding a mirror like the one shown below. We have used this type mirror for years. The fully enclosed mirror head reduces wind vibration and ensures adjustable mirror surface stays right where you set them. You can find this brand for most brands of trucks. These and other boat trailer accessories will help make your fishing trips safer and more fun.