Boat Trailer Bearings

Learn how to protect your Boat Trailer Bearings, and if needed where to buy replacements.  Why is one of the smallest parts of the boat trailer one of the most critical to keep clean, greased and properly working?  It is the bearings that allow the trailer wheels to turn freely, with no friction, no heat build up and keep you running for thousands of miles.  If dirt or water get into the bearings and displace the grease then you are primed for bearing failure - and that means a bad day.  The end result can be the wheel freezes up on the axle, and coming off the axle.  This would not be good.

What Boat Trailer Bearings Look Like

Some people take for granted their wheel bearings and rarely look at them. This can be a huge mistake - bearings keep your wheels rotating smoothly. Replace yours if upon inspection it is loose, you have run the grease dry, water has gotten into the grease, or worse dirt has gotten into the grease. You can't afford to loose a wheel when running down the highway. Size matters, be sure you know the size of your hub. Common size for these bearings are 1", 1-1/16 bearing kit, and 1-3/8 bearing kit. Shown in the picture above is the 1-1/16 bearing. Pay attention to the order you remove your old bearings pieces. Keep dirt out of the new ones and be sure to pack them full of marine grade wheel grease. Check the rear bearing seal to see if it needs to be replaced. Most kits will include new seals.

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Boat Bearing Grease & Grease Gun

This Lucas Oil marine grease is formulated for extreme conditions, and is ideal for boat trailer bearings. The Slippery Pete mini 3 oz grease gun is perfect for applying this grease to you bearings.

Trailer Bearing Covers

For reasons stated above, trailer bearings will have a dust cover over them.  This seals out dust, dirt and water.  Many trailer owners will switch out the dust cover with a grease cover that enables you to check the grease level in the bearings.   As you can see there is a grease fitting on the outside.  This cover replaces the dust cover, and you can apply the grease without removing the Bearing Buddy.  Spring loaded, you can actually see and feel when there is adequate grease under the Bearing Buddy.  Reasonably priced these are well worth it.  Again size matters, be sure to match your Bearing Buddy to the size of the dust cover you remove.

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