Small Boat Anchor

Be sure to carry a small boat anchor with you when tube fishing, kayak fishing, or one-person pontoon fishing.  When floating in a tube or one-person pontoon you never know when you will find a honey hole.  Don't wish you had a way to anchor, be sure to check out these small anchors that are light weight, easy to carry, and will do the job of holding you over a great honey hole, or while you all the way down a bank or shore line.

Float Tube Anchor & Adapter

This 5.5 lb complete anchor system has 4 folding flukes.  It is ideal for temporary anchoring of small boas, personal watercraft, canoes or tubes.  The anchor flukes are coated which helps protect finishes up against which it may hit, and also comes with a padded storage case.  Click the link above and read more about this

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Strap this adapter onto  your personal pontoon or float tube for quick, easy and secure anchorage. Allows you to set or release your anchor simply by pulling on your anchor rope. It is recommended that a 5-lb. anchor be used with a float tube.  Order Yours on line today.  

Small Boat Anchor and Lock

Attwood Kayak Grapnel Anchor

This attwood Grapnel Anchor kit holds your small water craft in a variety of bottom materials, including mud, sand, gravel, and rock.  The anchor weights 3.5 lbs, and is supplied with a 20 feet long 1/4 inch diameter braided anchor rope.  You also get a mesh bag with a drawstring.

Small personal water crafts are extremely susceptible to wind drift making one of these anchor systems a welcome addition. Whether you consider the Kwik Tek complete anchoring system or the Attwood grapnel anchor for your canoe, inflatable boat or other small watercraft you won't be disappointed.   Let one of these anchors help you focus on your fishing - keeping you right over or near the hot spot.   Most of these are about 3-5 lbs, and include a 20-30 foot anchor rope.  Click on one of the links above and read more about small boat anchors.