Pontoon Boat Anchor

Choosing your pontoon boat anchor should be based on the overall size and length of your pontoon boat.  Then consider how strong of a wind you will be on the water fishing wanting to hold your pontoon in position.  If you have a room with walls, this will cause your boat to have more potential momentum built up on windy days.  Anchors will generally be rated on length.  If you feel that you have a pontoon that begins to look more like a house boat with large solid walls, you may want to increase the size/weight of your anchor by one or two sizes.  In order to be ready for anything consider getting an anchor for both the front and the back of your pontoon.

The following three pontoon boat anchors work well with the majority of pontoons:  

  • Seachoice River Anchor
  • Richter 5 Prong Anchor
  • Digger Flake Anchor

Pontoon Boat Anchor

SeaChoice River Anchor

SeaChoice 41520 River Anchor-Black Vinyl  penetrates the bottom better than regular mushroom anchors. The Seachoice River Anchor will also catch and hold better on rough bottoms. Black vinyl-coated to protect the finish of your boat.  Available in 12 and 15 lbs for smaller boats.  Look to the 20 or 30 pound anchor for a typical pontoon.  Click the link above to read more and order one today.

Richter Anchor

The five "grabber" prongs on the base get a quick hold on your location while the centrally weighted shaft gives plenty of drag to keep you anchored securely  right over your favorite fishing spot. The coated exterior is rust and corrosion resistant to ensure hours of dependable use. This Richter anchor is proudly made in the USA.  While available in 14 and 18 pounds for boats up to 20 feet, a better choice for the typical pontoon would be the 25 pound version for boats up to 30 feet.  Click the link above to read more and order one today.  

Digger Anchors

Grabber cleats or "diggers"  on the Digger Flake Anchor put constant downward pressure on flukes to set fast in rough and windy conditions.  For optimal hold let out five times the amount of rope versus the water depth for secure anchor sets. No chain is required for this anchor. 10 and 12 lb anchors are suitable for boats up to 20 feet.  A better choice for a typical Pontoon would be the 15 lb model rated for pontoons up to 30 feet. Click the link above to read more and order yours on line today. 

Pontoon Boat Winches

Mechanically speaking an anchor winch is an anchor winch.  As we have explored above, pontoon boat anchors tend to be heavier than those needed for more typical fishing boats and therefore require a more heavy duty winch if you choose to use one.

This great winch can handle up to a 35 lb pontoon boat anchor.  With 100 feet of cable, and 22' speed up with 65' speed down, would be a great addition to your pontoon.  With rugged all steel gears this winch is built to last.  Click on the links above and read more about it.

TRAC 35 Pontoon Electric Winch

The TRAC Pontoon 35 Electric Anchor Winch also delivers excellent pulling power.  With a press of a button,  this Trak Electric Anchor Winch provides simple and smooth operation.  This winch features a high-efficiency 12V DC gear motor that uses less battery power than others offer.  The Pontoon 35 Anchor Winch comes with anti-reverse internal clutch to prevent free-spooling. In addition, you get quick, controlled 65 fpm retrieval speed.  This winch is great for applications requiring heavier anchors up to 35 lbs.    (Anchor not included with winches.)  Add the Anchor Winch Switch Kit too... includes every thing you need to install auxiliary control in whatever location you choose. Comes with pre-made cables, a 3-position switch and bezel.  Click the following link to read more about the great TRAC Pontoon Boat Winch and order one online:

For convenience, get the Wireless Remote Kit... allows push-button anchor operation from any location near your craft.  With this you get a compact key fob control for easy activation.  This TRAC is easy to install and easy to use.  Order yours online today at: 

Remember, select your anchor separately as these Pontoon Boat Winches do not come with a Pontoon Anchor.