Boat Trailer Locks

There are a many different types of trailer locks to secure your boat trailer overnight whether attached to your tow vehicle of left unattended.  Have you ever wanted take your tow vehicle, separate your boat trailer, and go out to dinner, run to the fishing store or go pick up auto supply store for a part and wish you could secure your boat and trailer while you are away.   Review this page to decide if you need one or more of these types of locks:

  • Trailer Coupler Locks
  • Trailer Coupler Lever Locks
  • Receiver Locks
  • Trailer Wheel Locks
  • Trailer Spare Tire Locks

Trailer Coupler Locks

When choosing the additional security of a trailer locks there are five specific situations to consider.  The first situation is when your have to leave your boat and trailer unattended - for example for maintenance work, or just to drive your tow vehicle with out your boat and trailer attached.  The best lock for this is a trailer coupler lock which places a locking ball into the coupler.  No lock is completely tamper proof but these will slow down any one wanting to do mischief with your boat and trailer.  As you can see this lock has a ball that fits into the coupler and heavy duty steel U shaped bolt that holds this in place over the coupler.  Many boat service businesses will use this type of coupler lock for added security while on their property.  This TRIMAX UMAX100 lock is a common one that you will find in many fine stores, and on line at Amazon.    

Trimax UMAX100 Universal 'Die-Cast' Dual Purpose Coupler Lock (fits all couplers)

Trailer Coupler Lever Locks

The trailer coupler lever lock is useful whether your boat is unattended or connected to your tow vehicle.  Every coupler has a lever that closes over the ball of the trailer hitch designed to prevent your hitch ball from coming out of the coupler.  When you close the lever you insert the pin to lock the lever as in the picture below.  The coupler lock is inserted in place of this pin going in one side and passing out the other. You then insert the locking end on opposite side, tightening and removing the key.  Some manufacturers will package this coupler lock  with a receiver lock, and making these locks to work off the same key - which is really convenient.

Trimax SXTC123 Stainless Steel Universal Coupler Lock for 7/8" - 3-1/2" Span
Trailer Hitch Lock

Receiver Locks

Trailer Hitch Receivers are usually held in place on the tow vehicle with a hitch pin and spring hairpin.  You might consider replacing the standard hitch pin trailer hitch receiver lock preventing the hitch receiver from being removed from your tow vehicle with without a key.  This can be useful when the boat trailer is connected to your tow vehicle or simply to prevent someone from taking your trailer hitch receiver.  Again, buying a trailer hitch lock that is keyed to work with a trailer coupler lever lock is very convenient because you only have to carry one key to work both locks.

Other Boat Trailer Locks

Boat Trailer Wheel Locks

Deciding if you need to buy one or more of these trailer wheel locks depends on how secure you feel you need to be with your two vehicle, boat and trailer.  Do you keep your boat and trailer in storage unit or your garage?  Do you store your boat in your driveway with open access to the street of is it behind a locked fence?  Adding trailer wheel locks is one more step in securing your rig.  There are several styles of these trailer locks that you can choose from. 

Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock

Spare Tire Locks

When you are thinking about boat trailer locks don't overlook your spare tire by adding a spare tire lock so that you can receive additional peace of mind.  There are at least two types of spare tire locks, one using a steel cable that locks around the trailer frame and another type that replaces a lug nut with a lockable lug nut.  Many new cars use a locking wheel lug nut to prevent wheels from being stolen. 

Other Boat Trailer Parts