Abu Garcia Revo

The top of the line in Abu Garcia Bait Casting Reels is the Abu Garcia Revo family. Whether you are looking for the top of the line MGX, Premier or one of the other five models, you won't put a finer bait casting reel in your hand. You simply must cast one of these reels to experience the smoothness, the power and the durability Abu Garcia has able to pack into these reels. (For Revo Premier Spinning Reel details - Click here and read more

The Abu Garcia Revo® S

The Revo® S casting reel is a low profile bait caster that is simply loaded with a great list of features - all for a modest price.  The frame is made from "X-Cräftic™ Aluminum Alloy" which is extra strong, yet light in weight as well as corrosion-resistant.  The braking system (designed to reduce the risk of bird nesting)  is a centrifugal brake for greater casting control - which means that you get real casting performance and precision in a reel that is modestly priced.

 Their trade marked "Carbon Matrix™ Drag System" means you won't lose those big ones - this let's them run with out breaking your line.  The main gears are precision machined "Duragear™ Brass Gears" which have been combined with 9 High Performance Corrosion Resistant (HPCR®) bearings - this all means that you can place in your hands on a high performing bait casting reel for a modest price. A bait casting reel that you can count on giving you years of pleasure and service - in other words -  "Built For Life™" (Available in right or left handed models.)

Abu Garcia Revo® SX

The amazing Revo® SX builds on the strong foundation of the Revo® S and adds several additional features.  You will find the same "X-Cräftic™ Aluminum Alloy" construction,  The SX used the same Carbon Matrix™ Drag System and Precision Machined Duragear™ Brass Gears.  Now, Abu has added two HPCR® bearings for a total of 11 ball bearings, a new Linear Magnetic Brake™ System, an Infini II™ spool for smooth casting and added distance, plus an option of an even higher speed model with a 7.1:1 ratio.  This means that for just a little bit more money you can upgrade to truly professional style reel - that is stronger, smoother, and even easier to use.  This versatility means that you may just want to keep the SX in  your hands all day long! 

Abu Revo® STX

Do you want still more?  The Revo® STX is the top of the "S" line.  The STX combines the best from the S and the SX.   Abu has kept the same eleven High Performance Corrosion Resistant (HPCR®) bearings and Infini II™ spool for ultimate smoothness and distance.  Abu has combined a centrifugal brake with the new Linear Magnetic Brake™ system for the ultimate control during the cast.  You would expect the frame be made from the lightweight and strong  X-Cräftic™ corrosion resistant aluminum alloy and the use of Duragear™ Brass Gears for Long Life.  However, what if you added a TiN Wormshaft, an Everslik™ Coated Pinion Shaft and Pawl, and a 24 Lb Max drag,  The result is the STX, a reel that whether pitching, flipping or casting, you will get the powerful retrieves and you will be amazed when you put The Revo® STX in your hand - it can handle all you care to dish out!

Revo® Winch

For those times when you want power and are less worried about how fast you reel them in,  then you have to check out the Abu Garcia Revo Winch.  It's oversized and long-lasting brass  Duragear™ combined with a 5.4:1 ratio provide the "Winch" power you are looking for.  If you like to fish larger crank baits at lower speeds the "winch" may be the perfect match.  The Revo combines SEVEN HPCR® Ball Bearings, the X-Cräftic™ Alloy Frame, and the Carbon Matrix™ Drag System for Ultra Smooth Drag to help prevent line breaks.  Last but not least though is a six pin Centrifugal Brake for an expert level of casting control.  This Revo® Winch™ boasts a 24 pound solid and smooth drag.  As with all the Abu Garcia Revo Reels the Winch is built by Abu Garcia "For Life™"

Revo® Premier

The Revo® Premier™ is built for the angler who spends a lot of time fishing and wants to fish a top of the line reel.  It is light and compact using the latest X-Cräftic™ Alloy but that only means it is also strong and built for corrosion resistance.  The Revo® Premier™ places virtually all the newest Abu features into this higher end reel - yet you will still find it at a less than top end price.   Are you looking for precision casts, more distance, free spooling possibilities, smoothness, strength and a drag strong enough to land monsters?  You are looking at a reel that will deliver - with Infini Brake Design, Compact Bent-handle and Star, Flat EVA Knobs - Check out the The Revo® Premier™ with right or left handed models and standard or high speed ratios.

Revo® MGX

 Abu Garcia never rests on their laurels.  The newest generation of Abu Bait Casting reels - The Revo® MGX - introduces their ground breaking X-Mag™ alloy frame and C6 carbon sideplates.  This means that you have a super strong foundation, in an ultra light - low profile reel.  Ultra-Light in weight, but not in performance!  Abu did not stop here, they have added their IVCB-IV™ (Invinitely Variable Centrifugal Brake system)  which is offers a 28 position external adjuster so that you can fine tune your fishing when changing from light to heavy lures on the fly right on the water.

This compact and light weight frame allows Abu to build into The Revo® MGX an unbelievable 7.9 to 1 gear ration which turns an amazing 31 inches per crank retrieve.  Other features complete this amazing reel:  the Infini II™ spool design, C6 carbon sideplates, Carbon Matrix™ drag system, Aircraft grade aluminum main gear, Ti coated line guide and a Recessed reel foot.  You really need to pick up one of these reels to see for yourself what it could mean to your fishing success!

Black Max™ Casting Reel

The new more compact Black Max™ bait casting reel allows you to experience the strength, durability and smoothness that Abu Garcia has become known for.  Black Max comes with five stainless steel ball bearings in a graphite frame.  The compact bent handle and star, and a recessed foot that provides the foundation for performance and toughness.  Combined with an aluminum Spool, Power Disk™ drag system, MagTrax™ brake system, and a Duragear™ brass gear, means the Black Max brings a ton of features, and will perform above expectations at an introductory level price point.

Abu Garcia Silver Max

The new more compact and ergonomic  Silver Max™ builds on the black max by adding an instant anti-reverse bearing for quick and sure hook sets and adds a Flipping Switch - which provides an easy to learn means for being able to cast jigs and plastics with precision.  All the same other features of the Max™ family for a great price point.

Abu Garcia Orra™ SX

The  Orra™ SX bait Casting reel frame and spool is made from a lightweight aluminum, providing strength and durability for all day fishing outings.  Packed with 8 stainless ball bearings, including an anti-reverse corrosion resistant bearing means you can have a smooth and strong reel that Abu has become known for.  Garcia's Centrifugal Brake system gives the Orra amazing control during  casts.  The Duragear™ Brass Gears means Long Life and an oversized main gear gives you the strength and long life which you would expect from an Abu Garcia.  Ready to upgrade from your old bait caster?  Put an Orra™ SX in your hand and try it out.