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Bass fishing stories told over and over again help to remind you of your best fishing outing.  Whether you fish for bass, walleye, crappie or northern pike, before long the memories of your trip begin to grow - and you and your friends will enjoy remembering those adventures.  Just how big was that Fish -  One of my favorites is captured below.   At the bottom of the page you will have an opportunity to send us your fishing story:  whether it is your best, funniest, most exciting, biggest, smallest, most memorable bass fishing stories or most funny fishing story.   (For a chance to submit your own favorite fishing story now click the following link to the submission invitation.) 

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Three Bass One Rig

Bass Fishing Stories 3 Bass Caught on Same Rig

In August of 2011, we encountered 3 bass hitting one rig.  How did this happen?  We were fishing for white bass using a double rig - two lures attached to a treble swivel.  One rig is a diving crank bait and the other lure was an in line spinner or a light weight small spoon.  It is common that when you pass through a school of white bass while trolling this rig you can catch 2 white bass. Occasionally you catch other species but rarely will you catch a double other than of white bass.  That particular day we had been catching large mouth bass using this technique along with white bass and crappie.  One of many great bass fishing stories.

On one pass the rod bent further than it had been bending indicating a double or a large fish. Upon the retrieve it became obvious that both lures had attracted fish, and upon lifting the lures into the boat we had one bass on the in line spinner and two bass had been caught on the crank bait - one on the front hook and one on the rear hook! Yes, two bass on one lure and one bass on the second lure! The second bass fishing story I have already published on the About Me Page of this web site. Click on this link to read about my aunt (nearly 50 years ago) who dropped my prized blue gill into the mouth of the 5 lb bass that my dad had caught.

Favorite Bass Fishing Lures

Following are two of our very favorite lures we have used successfully for catching large mouth bass and other species.  First up it our favorite top water lure:

The Whopper Plopper:  Surface lure that originally was sized to fish for muskie and pike, is now available for bass and other surface feeders.  Fish it slow and rattles attract the fish, a bit faster and begin to hear the familiar - plop, plop, plop.  Faster still and it thrashes through the water.  Try it and you will be hooked along with monster bass.

Favorite plastics:  TightLines UV - lures that have been treated to reflect UV light that penetrates through water even deep water.  Amazing results, and research shows bass actually see these lures better than regular plastics.  A wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors are available..

We are an Amazon Affiliate.  If you purchase a product we recommend or another product while on Amazon, we may receive a small commission.  Our staff recommends items that we have personally owned, used/tested, researched or we have fished with trusted anglers who recommend them.   These products will not cost you any more than what is posted. 


Why Are They Called Large Mouth?

Ever wonder why they call them Large Mouth Bass? These large mouths contribute a reason that creates great bass fishing stories. Check out this bass caught July of 2013 in a KS farm pond:
Bass Fishing Stories Kansas Large Mouth

Muskie Fish Story

Well, bass fishing stories must now yield to a great Muskie Story.  It was a warm and sunny day in 2005 and we were fishing a rocky out cropping just south of a small island off the northern shore of Swell bay on Rainy Lake.  This outcropping was just at the surface of the lake with a flat of about 20 feet before dropping off into 80 plus feet in the main channel of swell bay.  Shown in the gps picture below with the W & NP letters, we were using the electric trolling motor making passes east to west on the south side of these rocks.  Nearly every cast, each of the three anglers, myself, my son-in-law, and our good friend Patrick - an anglican pastor - so you know this is a true story, caught nice walleyes.  All were 17 inches and above.  So we could keep fishing we were releasing what we were catching.

Rainy Lake Musky Story Rainy Lake GPS Location

We had a nice wind from the SW causing a chop of 15-20 inches.  I was in the front of my Lund Pro V Magnum running the trolling motor because the wind would have blown us onto these rocks.   I had just made a cast to the edge of the rocks using my Shimano Spirex 4000 on a BPS Bionic Blade two piece MH 7 foot rod.  I was using a Chartreuse Bomber crank bait and hooked onto another nice walleye.  All of a sudden my retrieve came to a stop - it was as if I got a snag.  However, I could tell it was not a snag because there was movement at the end of the line.  Then line started stripping.  Oddly, though as I tightened the drag just a bit, whatever was there did not seem to simply take off for deeper water.  I began to reel the catch in towards the boat.  I was still using the trolling motor so as to keep from being blown into the rocks.  

Pike Eating Walleye Story Pike Eating Walleye

This is a stock photo but further down there are a couple of web links that are simply incredible.

By this time my catch was very much behind the boat .  We also had moved enough west of the rocks so that we were in open water.  As a result I turned off the trolling motor and stood up to pay attention to what I was doing.  All of a sudden Patrick (our Pastor) who was leaning on my 200 HP Mercury Optimax motor, let out a whoop and a hollar, "You have hooked a giant."  That got the attention of all of us.  Patrick saw it first, then Kevin.  Then I was able to see the fish.  It was a big muskie and it had  "T-Boned" my walleye carrying it sideways in its mouth.  Only about 3-4 inches of the walleye could be seen on either side of its mouth.

Would have, could have, should have, but didn't.  We did not get a muskellunge picture;  We did not have a net big enough even to attempt to get this one; I did not let the fish swallow the walleye which could have put the hook into the muskie.  However, the video image of this incident has been frozen into our minds and we have a great time discussing this one every time we talk to one another.  This big muskie seemed to be saying, "Who has the audacity to try to take my walleye?" and it wanted to see whatever it was that was attempting this theft.  That muskie fish never appeared to think it was not in control and just wanted to see up close this thing that was trying to steal its walleye.  When we attempted to get our tiny net into the water the giant muskellunge had enough, it simply let go and slowly took a right turn and disappeared into the water. 

I brought the walleye (what was left of the walleye)  into the boat as the hook was still caught in its mouth.  This walleye measured 20 inches!  Its head and tail were in tact but the rest of its body had been shredded by the muskellunge.   The three of us stood there another 10-15 minutes retelling what we saw, what had just happened, and then turned to guessing just how big it was.  Then we asked each other if anyone got the muskellunge picture?  It had to be at least 60 inches long with a head that had to have been 14 inches across.  Looking for something to compare it to we all agreed that this fish would have filled up the width of the inside of my boat - nearly 72 inches.  Well that is what we all agreed to.  Guess you should have been there!  

Each year we have at least one incident where a pike or muskie attack a fish we are bringing in. Here is a picture of a successful net capture of a pike and walleye: If you fish in waters where these fish live, you too may have a close encounter such as this one, and perhaps actually land that big one.

Submit Your Bass Fishing Stories

You don't have to limit your submissions to bass fishing stories, all serious or funny fishing stories, any species for that matter that at least has a thread of truth to it are being sought.  For example the Muskie in the story above has grown by over a foot in the last several years.  My favorite question to Patrick still continues to be "Patrick, just how big that Muskie?"  I wonder how big that fish will be in another 20 years?

Add your story to this growing list of bass fishing stories by filling in the info below. 

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