Shimano Casting Reels

Shimano casting reels share the same precision technology in their gears and cranks that Shimano is known for in their spinning reels and Shimano bicycle derailleurs.  This means you can use a Shimano baitcaster for years and years of fishing.  Shimano makes conventional round baitcasters, low profile baitcasters, and down-rigger baitcasters.  Baitcasters, in general, are used where precision casts are called for - not necessarily long casts.  Casting, flipping, skipping, and pitching are all types of casts used with baitcasters.  Baitcasting reels are also used for trolling. 

Shimano Casting Reels: Curado DC

The low profile Shimano baitcasters are ergonomically made and easy to use.  Shimano low profile baitcasting reels include a braking system that helps prevent "Birds-nests.  These can occur  at the end of the cast because of how fast the spool is turning when the lure hits the water.  With practice you can control this by pressure from your thumb.  Shimano has built breaking systems into their baitcasters to help prevent this from happening.  In fact they have introduced a new Curado DC that has a micro computer that measures the spin 1000 times per second that prevents this from happening at all.   Read about this fantastic reel below and many of the other outstanding Shimano Casting Reels.  Available in three different gear ratios. 

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Shimano Caius Bait Caster

The Shimano Caius is really a good value in bait casters.  Packed with 3 ball bearings and the Easy Mag II magnetic braking system it is easy to learn to use, runs smooth and is really strong and dependable.  Its gear ratio of 6.3 to 1 and 27 inches of line returned per crank means that you can handle those large fish and fight to keep them out of cover.   If you are looking to buy your first low profile bait caster, then you really should click on this link and read more: 

Shimano Caenan Bait Casting Reel

The Caenan Bait Caster is a smooth operator - featuring 6 stainless steel ball bearings.  Its low weight spool and 6.5 to 1 retrieve ratio mean you can fish light to heavy lures yet fight big fish and keep them from diving into heavy cover.  Caenan also has built in the VBS braking system - variable speed braking system - allowing you adjust from zero to six using centrifugal force to slow the reel at the beginning or simply set the brake at zero for free spooling.   A nice, sturdy, smooth reel for bait casting:  Click below to read more or to order yours today:  

Shimano Curado Casting Reel

The Shimano Curado baitcaster is a strong reel has become the backbone of the Shimano Casting Reels family.   Anglers immediately feel its strength, and quickly learn its reliability is built to last - cast after cast.  Shimano has included in the Curado its solid tradition, using state of the art materials, outstanding gears,  5 shielded ball bearings, Anti Backlash technology and variable braking system.  But Shimano does not stop there, they have added high efficiency gearing - Shimano has designed this reel like a unibody.  One piece construction means there will be virtually no flex in the drive train.  They have increased the size of the drive gear all of which means that the Curado has more torque and faster retrieves.  You will be yanking those big bass out of the cover!   Unbelievable features for the price.  Check it out here: 

Shimano Metanium Baitcaster

The Metanium MGL has become a top choice for professional bass anglers - because of consistent and predictable performance.  They are light weight which means the day long comfort for the angler.  MGL stands for Magnumlite Spool that provides a low moment of inertia that translates into longer casting distances by up to 20%.  The HAGANE body, MicroModual Gearing, packed with 11 ball bearings, the SVS Infinity Braking means you can put into your hands one of the most technologically advanced bait casting reels.  Gear ratios from 6.2 to 8.5 provides retrieves from 26 to 36 inches.

Loaded with Shimano technology and high-end features like Hagane Body, Micro-Modual Gearing, Silent Tune, X-Ship and all new SVS Infinity braking, and available in three gear ratios from 6.2 to 8.5:1. Check it out by clicking below: 

Shimano Casting Reels

There are many fine bait casting reels on the market.  Shimano casting reels have become known as some of the smoothest, strongest and most reliable that are available.  Pick one up and you won't be sorry!