Shimano Fishing Reels

Shimano did not have its origins in making Shimano fishing reels.  Shozaburo Shimano, after serving as an apprentice at an iron works company near Osaka, decided to not follow his fathers footsteps into farming.  Instead he opened Shimano Iron Works in the 1920's.  His first product was a single speed bicycle.  Shimano focused on quality, and the company became known for their famous derailleurs for multi speed bicycles which were introduced in the mid 1950's.

Carbon Road Bikes

Shimano continued to refine and improve their products and processes, making smoother and stronger gear parts and developing multi-speed gears used in many road and racing bicycles.  Many Tour de France riders use bicycles with Shimano Gears.   Shimano has become world renown for their excellent bicycle parts, gears and derailleurs.  In the bicycle above, Diamondback chose  Shimano 105 2x11-speed drivetrain21 for this excellent comfort touring bicycle.  Click on the bicycle to read more about this value packed bicycle. 

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Shimano Fishing Reels

It was not until the 1970's that Shimano introduced their fishing division, which capitalized on their excellence in precision gears and mechanisms to build outstanding Shimano fishing reels. Shimano now produces world class fishing reels.  

Shimano Reels Shimano Reels

Shimano now produces world class fishing reels.  Their product line includes conventional round and low profile Shimano Baitcasting Reels as well as Shimano Spinning Reels.  In 1978, Shimano introduced their first fishing reel, the Shimano Bantam reel.  Personal experience with Shimano reels has shown them to be strong, durable and smooth running fishing reels. 

Shimano Bait Casting Reels

The same strength and smoothness is built into Shimano Casting Reels. Shimano continues to innovate and introduce new technologies into their reels. Recently they released the new Curado DC reel which incorporates a digital chip that virtually prevents birds nests. Seeing, actually trying is believing. We have tested this reel and attest to it performing as advertised. Watch on line videos of its performance or click on the links below. Shimano makes a wide variety of low-profile as well as round baitcasting reels. Using a micro computer to monitor spool speed 1000 times a second to prevent backlash/birds nesting, Curado DC is amazing.

Shimano Spinning Reels

Click on the link in the title and read more about Shimano spinning reels. Highlighted below is one of the newest and best reels the Stradic Ci4 reel, super light, super strong and sensitive. One fishing outing with this Stradic will make you a believer.