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Beaver Lake Stripers Beaver Lake Stripers
Pick up your Arkansas fishing license so you can enjoy The Natural State. Some nicknames are cute, but in this case the natural beauty is real - clear lakes, rivers, mountains, forests and opportunities to catch world record walleye, stripers, wipers, brown trout and more. Over 600,000 acres of reservoirs and lakes plus nearly 10,000 miles of rivers entice anglers from near and far to come to Arkansas and try their luck.


Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
The AGFC manages the fisheries in Arkansas. They offer many resources from their home page: Arkansas Game and Fish. There you will find information covering regulations, fishing limits, and much, much more.
Arkansas Map Map Showing Select Lakes
You can enjoy 14 large corps of engineers lakes including great fishing in these lakes tail-waters. The stripers above were from Beaver Lake, Arkansas. Short term license (3 day for example) are useful for these trips. You will also find 52 smaller lakes that are managed by the AGFC. Here is a great resource link to an interactive map resource that shows you this and more:
Interactive Arkansas Fishing Map
Or if you would rather download a copy copy of a specific lake click on this link:
PDF Lake Maps.
Lake Conway Lake Conway Do you see why they call it the Natural State?

Arkansas Fishing License - Info

  • The official nickname of Arkansas is The Natural State. Through the years Arkansas has also had nicknames of Land of Opportunity, and the Wonder State. Although not official, Arkansas is also known as the Razorback State after the University.
  • Many of the Lakes in Arkansas are extremely clear, with clarity in excess of 20feet and more. Because of this many scuba divers frequent these clear lakes.
  • The origin of the name Arkansas is actually a derivative of a Sioux word acansa, which means Downstream place.
  • The highest elevations in Arkansas are in the north western third of the state, with the highest point being Magazine Mountain, approaching nearly 2,800 feet.
  • Rivers and steams in Arkansas generally flow from the Northwest to the Southeast, many of which empty into the Mississippi River which forms the Eastern border of the state. The Arkansas River crosses the entire state passing through Little Rock in the middle.
  • Because of the cold water discharge below the dams of the States large Reservoirs, these tailwaters have developed into great trout fishing. Trout, although not native to Arkansas, have grown large and plentiful because of an active stocking program from the two national hatcheries and the 8 state managed hatcheries.
  • Greers Ferry Tailwater has produced an all tackle world record brown trout of over 40 pounds. In addition Rainbows in the 5-10 pound range are common around the state.
Arkansas Brown Trout Arkansas Brown Trout
Arkansas Fishing License
2012 Cost
Resident Annual Conservation (Trout Permit Required)
Resident 3-day Trip (Trout Permit Required)
Resident Trout Permit
Non-Resident Trout Permit
Non-Resident Annual
Non-Resident 3-Day Trip (Trout Permit Required)
Non-Resident 7-Day Trip (Trout Permit Required
Non-Resident 14-Day Trip (Trout Permit Required)
65 Plus Lifetime
There are other options for Arkansas Fishing License choices you can review by clicking on the links at the top of this table. Information about Guide Fishing Licenses, disabled persons fishing license, combination hunt and fishing license, and more. Remember, if you desire to catch trout, you will need a trout permit along with your Arkansas Fishing License.
Little Rock Bridge Arkansas River Arkansas River Little Rock

Greers Ferry Lake

Located in the North Central region of Arkansas, north of Little Rock, Greers Ferry offers a wide variety of world class fishing. Located as part of the Little Red River, Greers Ferry features largemouth, wipers (white bass/striper hybrids, walleye and trout. While you could in theory fish for all in one day, you probably should think about a 3 day or more trip, or simply plan multiple trips to enjoy this great fishery. Holding world records for:
  • Walleye - 22 lb 11 oz
  • Wiper - 27 lb 5 oz
  • German Brown Trout - 40 lb 4 oz (Little Red River Tail Water)
Plenty of places to stay, plenty of guides to help you if you have never had the opportunity to fish Greers Ferry. They have their own website if this peaks your interest click on this following link: Greers Ferry Website

Arkansas Fish Hatcheries

Arkansas is home to 2 national fish hatcheries: Norfork and Greers Ferry. These two hatcheries focus on Trout production. In addition they manage 8 state hatcheries. Arkansas Fish Hatcheries Click on this link - to find addresses and times for tours - a fascinating outing.

Arkansas - Natural State

Now you understand the source of the Nickname for Arkansas - the Natural State. Pick up your Arkansas Fishing License and go have some fun. Small to large lakes, lots of rivers and streams - abundant wildlife. Beauty abounds! One last link to explore will give you insight into elevation, rivers and lakes, and even satellite imaging. Click on this following link to explore: Arkansas Maps and Contours.
Lake DeGray Lake DeGray

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