Fishing Light Attractor

Why a fishing light attractor?  Whether you are interested in watching lots of fish, or catching more fish than you thought possible you should explore the benefits of a fishing light attractor.  Fishing lights come in all sorts of styles and sizes.  Portable Fish Light, Floating Fish Light, LED, White Light, Green Light, Dock Light and Underwater Fish Light - all will be discussed on this page.  

Just what does light have to do with attracting fish?  Think first about the bugs and insects that are attracted to outdoor security lights.  In a similar fashion using a floating fish light or submersible fishing light is like opening a gourmet restaurant for fish by your boat or your dock.  Insects, micro-organisms are attracted which attract smaller fish, which then attract larger fish. 

Fishing Light Attractors
Small to Large

Needless to say fishing lights will be used after dark, and you will need a small light to find things in your boat, on your dock or tackle box.  This little light that you can carry on your key ring can do just that.

Streamlight 73001 Nano Light Miniature Keychain LED Flashlight, (2 Pack)

This small personal flashlight - Nanolight - features a high intensity 10 lumens, 100,000 hour LED light.  It is weatherproof and made from machined aircraft-grade aluminum which makes this gem durable.  Its convenient clip attaches/detaches to just about anything.  Includes pocket clip, key ring, and non-rotating snap hook. 4 alkaline button cells (included) provide up to 8 hours of runtime.  1.47" x .51" weighing only .36 oz means you will hardly notice you have it but when you need it you will be happy you bought one.

You will always have it with you - not just when out fishing but when getting the mail after dark, looking for something in the corner of the closet - this will be the most handy and useful inexpensive light you can purchase.  Excellent for tight quarters and short distances - A great personal gift or gift for a friend.  Click on the  link above and order yours today.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.   Recommended items have been personally owned, tested or we have fished with anglers who were using them.

Night Blaster Floating Fish-N-Lite

This floating fish light features seven bright green LED lights.  It works by floating on the surface attracting night feeding fish.  It is back lit with 16 UV LED lights that does a great job illuminating your fluorescent mono fishing line without speaking fish.  Using LED's mean it is energy efficient drawing only 1/2 amp per hour and can run for days on a typical 12 volt battery.  Easy to stow, move about and use. Click on the following link and order yours today:  

NightBlaster Floating Fish-N-Lite

Submersible Green Fishing Lights

This ideal light does  a good job attracting bait fish which game fish really enjoy.  Good in salt water, night fishing, lake, pond or river.  These LED lights have been seen up to 2,000 feet away.  Batteries included can last up to 30 hours of use. 

Glow Lion Underwater Night Fishing Lights, LED Fishing Light Lure for Attracting Fish, Deep Dive Submersible Lamp with High Lumens, Green, 2 Piece

Underwater Dock Lights

Perhaps you have your own dock or marina.  You will be amazed at what is available designed to make your dock or marina a haven for watching large schools of all kinds of fish.  In freshwater these lights will attract large mouth bass, catfish, perch and bluegill.  In salt water - the sky is the limit - whatever is common for your area. features one, two and multi light systems.  They will work with you to totally customize your application as much or as little water are coverage as you would like.  Take a look at the videos and then click on their link to read more.

Underwater Fish Light - Single Bulb Underwater Dock Light 50ft Wire

Featured below is a video taken in Texas by an owner of these underwater lights showing a school of Large Mouth Bass swimming around his dock.  Imagine the fun you would have showing friends, family and guests this type of action every night around your dock lights.

Take a look at these redfish actively feeding around this dock light.  These are amazing!  The brighter white area in the middle is a result of overexposure from the brightness of the light and the setting on the camera for a night video recording.

Even if you never decide to purchase a fishing light attractor, save this page so that you show these videos to your family and friends.  Kids love to watch them, they seem to never get enough. What a great way to get the fishing fever in the middle of the winter!